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Article: Masturbation during menstruation

La masturbation pendant les règles

Masturbation during menstruation

Having your period for many women results in pain, discomfort and discomfort. Stomach ache, back pain, bloating, irritability, it is difficult to associate this time of the month with pleasure and well-being... However, masturbation would be an effective way to reduce menstrual pain.
If masturbation is beneficial for alleviating pain related to childbirth , it is also an effective way to relieve pain related to periods. In addition, it is during this period that we have a peak in libido , so we might as well take advantage of it 😌.

Where do period pain come from?

Let's start from the beginning, each month the endometrium (also called the uterine lining) thickens to prepare for a possible pregnancy and the implantation of an embryo which will subsequently become a fetus. If there is no fertilization, this uterine lining has no function and is evacuated through the vagina in the form of blood loss, this is the period.
As the human body is quite well made, in order to simplify the expulsion of the endometrium, the uterus contracts under the influence of hormones known as prostaglandins. These spasms can cause physical pain such as:

  • Stomach cramps
  • Pain in the lower back
  • Transit disorders like bloating, diarrhea and even vomiting
  • Pain in the breasts (swelling and great sensitivity)

That's not all, it also causes psychological disorders such as:

  • Mood swings
  • Stress
  • Great irritability
  • Severe fatigue

These symptoms may be amplified for people with endometriosis.

Why is it good to masturbate during your period?

During masturbation, we feel a certain sexual pleasure even reaching orgasm. At this time, the body secretes several hormones such as oxytocin, endorphin and dopamine.
Dopamine, also called the pleasure hormone, is released into the body during masturbation, providing a feeling of comfort. Orgasm has a real relaxing effect on our body which reduces menstrual pain.
At the time of orgasm certain muscles contract and then relax, and thus have a calming effect on the pain.
The effects of endorphins relate to the feeling of menstrual pain. When released, it helps reduce prostaglandin, which helps reduce period discomfort.
Oxytocin produced after an orgasm helps reduce cortisol. Cortisol is the molecule responsible for anxiety. Oxytocin helps the body to relax, the impact on period discomfort is instantaneous.

Verified facts

In May 2020, Womanizer and Lunacopine launched the “ Menstrubation ” study (menstruation + masturbation = mensturbation; did you get it?😉). This study included 486 participants who were followed for a period of 6 months including a 3-month test phase and several questionnaires.
The results are clear; 70% of participants said that regular masturbation had an effect on the intensity of period pain and for 42% of cases, it was even more useful than medication.
A majority even continued this practice after the experience.
According to those interviewed, masturbation during menstruation would effectively reduce:

  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Pain in the breasts
  • Tiredness
  • Back pain
  • Migraines

For some women, masturbation is therefore a natural alternative to medication for menstrual pain.

Is masturbating during your period a risk?

No, very clearly there are no risks strictly speaking but it must still be emphasized that during this period the body is more sensitive to gynecological infections for three reasons:

  • The first reason is that the cervix is ​​more open and therefore more likely to allow pathogenic bacteria to pass through.
  • The second cause is that the pH of the vagina changes and is less acidic because of the presence of blood. It provides less of a barrier to bacteria and fungi, so it is easier to catch a mycosis, for example.
  • The last reason is that hygienic protection such as tampons and towels encourage the proliferation of bacteria, remember to change them regularly (every 4 hours max).

Is it possible to use a sex toy during your period?

Obviously yes! Using a sex toy during your period will not do any harm to your health, quite the contrary.
You can use the sex toy you want (penetrative or for external use) depending on your mood and your desire.
Ona, our clitoral stimulator can be used perfectly during this period. As blood flows through the vagina, if you can't stand something being in contact with your flow, the unique stimulation of the clitoris will still allow you to achieve your goals.

As always, do not neglect the hygiene of your sex toy, wash it before and after use with lukewarm water and a pH-neutral soap (such as Marseille soap).

Blush's little tips

I wasn't going to leave you without giving you some little tips that might be useful to you, just in case. 😌
If there are blood stains on your sheets or clothes, first rinse them in cold water (never hot water, this will further embed the blood in the fabric), the ideal would even be to rub an ice cube on the task, it's magical!
Then you can use baking soda or lemon juice which are known for their stripping properties. A simple commercially available stain remover can also do the job very well. If you don't have stain remover, you can just as easily use Marseille soap or black soap.

One last thing, periods, blood are not dirty things. You can have as much fun during this period as you do outside of your period. Nothing stops you from making love if it doesn't bother you or your partner. Otherwise, the little solo pleasures are just as nice. ❤️‍🔥


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