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Article: Female ejaculation

L'éjaculation féminine
le saviez-vous ?

Female ejaculation

When we say the word “ejaculation”, we instinctively associate it with men, but women are also affected by this moment during sexual intercourse. Yes, female ejaculation does exist! We all know that of men which is no longer really a mystery, on the other hand that of women remains little known.

What is female ejaculation?

It is not very different from male ejaculation. During sexual intercourse when excitement is at its peak, female ejaculation is the uncontrolled release of a liquid other than love juice. Female ejaculation is closely linked to G-spot stimulation.
Still too little known or even taboo, it was in 2014 that a team of French researchers decided to unlock the secret of female ejaculation. In reality, it is not one but two facts that co-exist during this ejaculation. There is first the secretion of liquid (as in humans) and a “squirt”, the latter being less systematized.

Let's start with some female anatomy

Women have a gland called “Skene”, this gland is stuck to the vaginal wall. It is this gland which secretes this famous liquid whose composition is very close to the prostate fluid in men.
But do women have a prostate? According to the research of Professor Milan Zaviacic, yes, women have a prostate, except that compared to that of men, it is tiny. To give you an order of magnitude, the prostate of men weighs on average 30 grams while that of women weighs between 2 and 3 grams.
This gland is located around the urethra, that is to say around the urinary canal. This gland therefore has a location similar to the male prostate. In addition, this gland secretes proteins specific to the prostate and the tissues are similar to those of the prostate, it did not take much for scientists to validate the term “female prostate”.

captioned female anatomy

Female ejaculate

Due to its small size, the female prostate cannot have as much fluid as the male prostate. Women generally ejaculate no more than one milliliter while men can ejaculate 3 to 5 milliliters of semen. This is also why this ejaculation is confused with vaginal secretions.
The fluid ejaculated by women is rich in PSA (prostate proteins), acid phosphatases and zinc. It is a milky liquid resembling male ejaculate.

The squirt

What about “squirting”?
When “squirting”, the fluid is different. In fact, the liquid expelled is transparent and has the characteristics of diluted urine. The flow of this fluid through the urethra is completely uncontrolled and occurs just before or during orgasm.
Only 5% of women experience squirting.
Squirting should not be confused with urinary incontinence, because as with ejaculation, squirting only occurs during sexual intercourse.
What is it made of?
By further studies, researchers discovered that the liquid expelled during squirting contained a high concentration of urea, creatinine and uric acid.

How does a woman ejaculate?

Two events are said to be responsible for female ejaculation, the first is rather mechanical, the second rather cerebral.

A mechanical function

A little above I told you that female ejaculation is closely linked to G-spot stimulation, and there you have it!
To experience female ejaculation it is important to know yourself and know how to locate your G-spot. Researchers have taken a close look at this to be able to understand what triggers this ejaculation and their conclusion is rather simple... in fact , there is no need for an orgasm to trigger female ejaculation, just stimulation of the G-spot is enough to cause it.

Have a free mind

Here it is again, the famous “letting go”, so I know we often tell you this but what do you want, it’s one of the essential keys to having a more than satisfactory sexual relationship!
It's a fact, we are as much physical as cerebral and our brain can also be the trigger for female ejaculation. This is one of the other scientific hypotheses, total letting go would allow ejaculation to be achieved.

What triggers female ejaculation

It's a somewhat disappointing answer I admit, but there is no secret recipe for experiencing female ejaculation. Obviously it is often a question of conditions, physical, psychological, of environment (they must be the best possible) as to achieve pleasure but, no pressure!
Remember, every person is unique and not all women can ejaculate. If it takes a while to come, it's a good excuse to try new positions and above all be creative. If it's not your habit, why not introduce a sex toy into your relationships and break the routine?
Ona, our first vibrating clitoral stimulator, is the ideal companion to introduce into your sex routine because it can be used alone or in pairs.

Take time

We probably must have told you (maybe during a breakup), time is the best ally and it's true!
There is no point in rushing things; on the contrary, it could lead to your doom.
So take the time. Take the time to observe your body's reactions, take the time to get to know your body.
Ask yourself what your wants, your desires, your fantasies are and talk about them to your partner. All these little things go hand in hand with your sexual well-being.
To help you discover your erogenous zones, we recommend the book Jouissance Club , a real map of pleasure!

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