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Article: Health, fulfilled sexuality, self-confidence: the benefits of female masturbation

Bienfaits de la Masturbation Féminine
le saviez-vous ?

Health, fulfilled sexuality, self-confidence: the benefits of female masturbation

We don't all have the same relationship with masturbation. While some will talk about it openly, others are more reserved on the subject. For still others, it's downright taboo. However, masturbating has many benefits, so why deprive yourself of it? We tell you everything.

Masturbation, a key to feeling good in your body and in your head

According to an Ifop* study dating from 2017, 74% of women have already practiced it at least once and 52% do it regularly. A great development since in 1970, only 19% of women said they had already tried it. What could be more natural than giving yourself pleasure, enjoying a moment of intimacy with yourself? And in addition to the well-being that it gives us in the present moment, masturbation offers many benefits for health, sexuality and self-confidence.

sex toy Ona vibrating clitoral stimulator

The health benefits of masturbation

Get better quality sleep

Again, thank you endorphins! Also called happiness hormones, they cause a feeling of well-being and calm, accompanied by muscle relaxation after orgasm, all conducive to falling asleep more quickly and better quality sleep. And don't forget that restorative rest will have beneficial consequences on many aspects of your life such as your immune system, your memory, your libido (hello virtuous circle), your skin (the famous inner glow), etc.

Reduce stress

Endorphins are not the only hormones secreted when you masturbate and reach orgasm, there is also prolactin, dopamine and even oxytocin. A very effective cocktail to combat everyday stress and relax. “Thanks to the release, during caresses and orgasm, of natural relaxing substances (such as endorphins or oxytocin), sexual activity effectively fights against stress, and provides bodily relaxation which promotes good sleep” , specifies the FFC.

Reduce period pain

Are you prone to PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome)? Do you have unbearable cramps during your periods? Here too, masturbation can have a favorable impact. An international study** of 486 women over 3 months shows that masturbation really reduces menstrual pain: 90% of women recommend masturbating against period pain.

  • 43% continue to think that medications are more effective in combating period pain,
  • But 42% of people who participated in the study think that masturbation wins, an almost equivalent figure!
  • The remaining 15% believe that the two combined are the best option, or even a source of heat (hot water bottle type), CBD, sport or rest.

Fight against migraines

When you masturbate, the brain secretes endorphins, hormones that have an analgesic effect and will help relieve a bad migraine. It doesn't have an infinite effect but it's still a good way to combine business with pleasure!

Tone the pelvic floor

Masturbation and orgasm also have a great benefit for your perineum. You feel your muscles contract as the pleasure builds. This contraction is beneficial to your pelvic floor and this is good news: a muscular perineum means increased pleasure during intercourse and a reduced risk of prolapse or urinary leakage, all benefits!

Strengthen the heart

Masturbation is classified as a cardiovascular activity. Like any sport (finally, you see that you are practicing regular physical activity ;)), it strengthens the heart. “Sexual activity fully participates in the maintenance of the myocardium (the heart muscle) and the arteries, while also activating blood circulation,” specifies the French Federation of Cardiology (FFC)***. As for the risk of heart attack, don't panic, it is really very low according to the Federation.

Bonus: no hassle with STDs or the risk of pregnancy

Another significant advantage is no risk of transmitting an STD or an unwanted pregnancy when you go solo! As they say: it is better to be alone than in bad company...

The virtues of masturbation for sexuality

Knowing your body and the ways to make it access pleasure is also a good way to free yourself in bed and be able to guide your partner (the famous 'wait a little higher, yes that's it': You see what I mean).

So you know what climaxing really feels like, without pressure, without question of timing, without focusing on the other. Masturbation is the guarantee of reaching orgasm under your expert gestures ( even if the famous orgasm should not be an end in itself and should not become an obsession ). All this knowledge of yourself and this control of your pleasure will allow you to relax and fully enjoy the moment when you are together (or more eh, no judgment here).

And masturbation can also enter into your sexuality as a couple. Mutual masturbation : touching yourself in front of the other, having the other touch you... so many ways to spice up your lovemaking and bring a new breath of eroticism into your bed (or the shower, the car, the beach, etc.). .

The benefits of masturbation for self-confidence

Learning to know yourself, to give yourself caresses, tenderness, pleasure... is also to reconnect with your body . We sometimes tend to only see the parts that we don't like, instead of taking it in its entirety as an ally who accomplishes wonderful things every day. Taking the time to explore it, to eroticize it for yourself, to seduce yourself and make love, is a beautiful way to pay homage to it, to reward it and to rediscover a union between the body and the mind. Every part of you deserves kindness and attention. Rediscovering your body while enjoying yourself, what could be better?!

So how do you masturbate when you're a woman?

Ona is Blush's first vibrating clitoral stimulator, a small, ultra-compact revolution, easy to use and "breathtaking" according to you!

The most important advice will be to tell you that you must first want it and then for the pleasure and benefits to be the strongest, we recommend going to find your excitement where it is at home (imaginary , touch, or even book / audio / visual supports, we tell you again, we are not here to judge, just to help you enjoy ;)).
Then, for techniques and positions, there are as many as there are people practicing masturbation! So much so, that we prefer to reserve for you very soon an article dedicated to these multiple ways in which women masturbate : between those who focus on the clitoris, those who prefer penetration, fans of vibration with sex toys , rubbing and rubbing (humping), on the back, stomach or even on all fours. We will even have some secrets to reveal to you to boost your pleasure and orgasms.

Nina Ristori


* Ifop Survey , The Practice of Masturbation Among Women, The End of a Taboo? December 19, 2017
** Menstrubation study , 2021
*** “ Heart and sexuality ”, French Federation of Cardiology, July 2019

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