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Article: Mutual masturbation: positions to try

Masturbation mutuelle: les positions à essayer
le saviez-vous ?

Mutual masturbation: positions to try

Mutual masturbation is a pretty cool activity to do with someone. But what is it actually? Is it simply lying next to each other and masturbating? Maybe…
So put like that, obviously it's not very exciting I grant you, but do you know that many mutual masturbation positions that are both sexy and stimulating exist?
Before we begin, if you are uncomfortable talking to your partner about this, know that you are not alone in this situation. For a long time, we were taught that masturbation was something dirty and shameful, especially when you are a woman (which is absolutely not the case) and doing it next to your partner can arouse a lot of of shame in itself.
Let go of shame and guilt! Remember that masturbation is nothing to be ashamed of and that mutual masturbation is a fun and connective practice that poses no risk of STI transmission or pregnancy, which takes some stress away (undeniably).
It's about showing your partner what happens when you're alone. If you need a sex toy or other stimulants, don't hesitate to use them. It's incredibly sexy to show your partner the way you touch your body.
So for you, here are some mutual masturbation positions to try! Who knows, maybe some of them will soon become part of your sex routine for two. 🔥


Before we get into it, here are 3 reasons to try mutual masturbation:

1- You show what you like to your partner and vice versa

You learn directly what your partner likes by watching how he/she pleasures himself.

2- It is a good way to reduce sexual anxiety

Forget the pressure to perform ! Mutual masturbation even helps break the ice with your crush.

3- It’s good visual stimulation

An erotic visualization of both partners heightens the experience.

Little tips Blush: often your partner can be more excited when he/she sees you excited! It's a virtuous circle. 😉

The overlap

Whatever your gender, think of this position as if you were in a saddle, straddling something between your leg. One partner lies down and the other is positioned on top. You can use a sex toy combining vibration and stimulation, Ona our clitoral stimulator is perfect for this type of position because it has a vibration function and its pulsing head stimulates your clitoris. Or you can just use your hands and watch yourself do it.

The T, if one of the two is more modest than the other

The visualization may not be simple but I'll explain. One partner lies on the side of the bed while the other stands at the head of the person lying down. The person lying down should be able to see the chest of the partner who remains standing very closely. The person left standing can see their partner's entire body while he/she touches themselves. This is a position that will help you vary your masturbation position if you are used to being on your stomach or back.

Head to toe/head to toe, for the less shy

It's pretty much the same as 69 but without the oral sex part and your bodies face each other on the side. This position allows you to look at each other very closely while you touch each other. It is ideal on a bed but can also be practiced on the floor, taking care to put something comfortable underneath. Few people enjoy making love on a hard, cold surface.

Side by side, face to face

Is there anything more vulnerable than looking into your partner's eyes while touching yourself? I am not sure. It's the very definition of getting naked.
This is a super connective position for touching yourself and a great position if you're not super turned on by the idea of ​​looking at your partner's parts while you masturbate. In other words, if you prefer to watch your partner's facial expressions and eyes, this is the position for you.

Foot by foot, out of sight, close to the heart

Imagine you are sitting on your couch at one end and your partner is at the other end. You both lift one or two legs up on the couch and face each other so you can look your partner in the eye or stare at their sexy parts. As with side by side, you may feel very vulnerable, and so I recommend not doing it for the first time. However, if you feel completely comfortable with your partner, don't hesitate to do it.

The love seat

One person sits against a wall (or the headboard, if you're on a bed) and spreads their legs wide enough so the other can sit between them. The person in front leans on the other's chest, and off you go! You can whisper sweet words or very sensual things in your ear, it's up to you depending on your mood. Plus, if you want to touch each other during your mutual masturbation session, this is a great position to do so.

To hold hands

Imagine this, you are lying on your back and one hand holds your partner's hand while the other touches your genital area. You both masturbate with one hand and hold each other's hand with the other. This simple, connective position is also ideal if it's your first time mutually masturbating. You don't feel as vulnerable as if your partner's face is next to yours.

Peep Show

This position is often shown between a man and a woman, but like all the others, you can adapt them to what suits you and what suits your partner.
One person (usually the woman) lies down on a slightly elevated bed, spreads her legs and plays with her vulva, while the other person (often the man) kneels with his face at the genitals of his/her partner and carefully observes the touching of this latter person on his/her own body.
What you see is a real peep show. 🔥

To conclude, whatever position you choose to explore this activity, be sure to use lubricant. Often we only think about using lubricant when we are expecting penetration and whatever way you masturbate (whether penetration occurs or not), lubricant will be a real ally in riding the wave of pleasure.

The water-based, pH-neutral “Wet Lip” lubricant is formulated with prebiotics to help maintain a healthy microbiota.


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