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Article: 10 sexual practices without penetration, to consume without moderation

10 pratiques sexuelles sans pénétration, à consommer sans modération

10 sexual practices without penetration, to consume without moderation

Very often, we put penetration at the heart of sexual intercourse. We have the idea that intercourse without penetration is incomplete sexual intercourse. And yet, making love is not just about penetration.
Penetration is not a pleasure for everyone, between pain and discomfort or often, quite simply, no feeling of pleasure, this practice can sometimes become an ordeal which causes sexual anxiety , hello atmosphere …
Fortunately, sexuality has a fairly broad spectrum of practices that can go beyond penetration.
So for you, here is a list of 10 practices to try to learn how to make love differently, 0% penetrative, 100% pleasure! 🔥

Foreword: Relax

Like the song by Line Renaud and Dean Martin “ Relax-vous” . Sex should always remain a moment of pleasure. If you are prone to vaginismus or dyspareunia which makes penetration complicated, organize a moment of relaxation with your partner without anything being able to disturb you. Turn off your phones and any other devices! Spend some quality time together, talk about everything and nothing. Dare to caresses, kisses and even mutual masturbation if you feel like it, the important thing is that you are relaxed.

1. Talk about sex

When it comes to sex, the brain is just as important as your genitals. So stimulate your brain with your imagination, tell yourself fantasies, or invent erotic stories featuring you and your partner. If you are lacking inspiration, erotic audios are a good alternative to spend an equally hot night. 🔥
You can also play a sex card game, this will allow you to get to know each other better (alone or in pairs), it's also a very good way to break the ice with your crush.

2. What if it all started with a massage?

Massage is the best way to create a sensual connection with your partner without your intimate areas touching. Skin-to-skin contact releases oxytocin, the same substance that is released during sex. The great thing about massages is that you can get the temperature up in no time. You can use a massage oil to make the moment even sexier.

Nudco massage oil is perfectly balanced, spreads well, without being greasy, all 100% natural.

3. The perineum, an area too often forgotten

The perineum also has an important role in sex without penetration. Located between the testicles and the anus or the vagina and the anus, the perineum is an area with many nerve endings. It becomes firm with arousal, making it a perfect area to stimulate. You can stimulate this part with your tongue or fingers.

4. See sex without penetration as a challenge

What's more exciting than brushing up against the forbidden? The transgression? Challenge yourself with your partner, do not practice penetration for a previously defined time. This will make you much more creative but it is also an excellent way to rediscover your body and your sensations.

5. Use a non-penetrative sex toy

Using a sex toy allows you to discover new sensations if you are not used to using one. A clitoral stimulator is the ideal sex toy for practicing lovemaking without penetration. Ona , our first clitoral stimulator can be very useful 😉. It has several speeds so you can find the one that suits you best. Its design is designed to slide over the vulva (for example) without feeling forced by penetration.

6. Does kunyaza mean anything to you?

Kunyaza is an ancestral non-penetrative sexual practice well known to women in Central Africa. This practice has the sole aim of female pleasure by placing the clitoris at the center of sexual intercourse. You are wondering, but how do we practice kunyaza? It's very simple, all you need to do is have the glans of the penis rub the clitoris at a furious pace, up and down/right to left/in a circle or whatever. Maximum excitement guaranteed!
Oh and for your information kunyaza means “to squirt”. It was nothing. 😉

7. Use lubricant for an intimate massage

Yes, it's true that lubricant is generally used for a penetrative act, and not this time! The lubricant is ideal for prolonged massage of the labia, clitoris or penis. Use a silicone-based or water-based lubricant , it's up to you.

8. Play with textures

You know, if we lose one sense the ones we have left develop even more, but what happens when it comes to sex?
Blindfold your partner and have fun touching him/her with objects with different textures. The fact of having less sight will allow him/her to concentrate on the sensations he/she will feel when in contact with his/her skin. You can use an ice cube, a makeup brush, a feather, a silk or satin scarf...whatever you want as long as the textures are different depending on the objects.

9. The frotti-fotta, simple but effective

Also called “humping” , it is a rather particular masturbation technique since it involves rubbing against each other but without ever being totally naked. Yes, a bit like teenagers.
This technique is done without hands, but nothing stops you from using them to do something else like caressing your chest or caressing your partner's body.
This practice is done solo or in a duo but it doesn't matter whether you are alone or accompanied, you can use a sex toy intended for this purpose.

10. Oral sex of course!

Practicing the art of fellatio, cunnilingus or rimming requires a certain intimacy. If you are a fan of these practices, don't deprive yourself. It is one of the most intimate acts, if not the most intimate act that you can share with your partner. You can be sure that after that there will be almost no barriers between you when it comes to sex.
And we're not going to lie, when it's done well it's still nice.


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