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Article: Kegel balls: a muscular perineum and increased sexual pleasure

Boules de Kegel Geisha Rééducation du périnée maman sextoys post-partum ménopause

Kegel balls: a muscular perineum and increased sexual pleasure

Strengthen your perineum and at the same time increase your sexual pleasure tenfold, Kegel balls, or Geisha balls, have everything to please. How to use them to combine the useful with the very pleasant? Advice from Marion Pollono, physiotherapist specializing in the perineum and sexologist.

Kegel balls: what are they?

Kegel balls, also known as Geisha balls, are balls (so far no big surprise), most of the time connected by a cord, which are used vaginally. The '50 Shades of Grey' saga has brought them back to the forefront, but they have benefits well beyond a titillating masked ball (even if that's already super nice).

There are different types, particularly in terms of size, weight and shape. The lighter the ball, the easier it is, the heavier it is, the more the muscle will have to work to hold it in place (a bit like weight training in the end). You can go gradually to get used to the sensations.

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Why do we use them?

Kegel balls are used to strengthen the perineum. “ The primary role of the perineum is to serve as a pelvic floor, which will support the organs: uterus, bladder, colon, and close the different orifices: anal, vaginal and urethral in order to allow good continence ,” explains Marion Pollono, physiotherapist. perineum specialist and sexologist. “ We must become aware of an intelligent perineum that knows how to contract but also relax, particularly when going to the toilet as well as for sexuality, at the time of penetration ,” she continues.

A toned perineum is the key to many inconveniences (prolapse, organ descent, urinary leakage, vaginal gaping and all that kind of joy) but it is also a golden way to access ecstasy during of your sexual relations. “ If the vast majority of access to pleasure occurs through external stimulation of the clitoris, the perineum plays a major role in improving internal sensations. It is located at the entrance to the vagina and, through its mobility, will stimulate the clitoral pillars, which surround the vagina ,” specifies the physiotherapist. “ The perineum at the time of orgasm has involuntary contractions, spasms, but also a voluntary action, tightening and releasing. It is important to control release, especially during penetration, so as not to feel pain .”

Regularly using Kegel balls allows you, by strengthening your perineum, to increase your pleasure tenfold and sometimes to reach orgasm .

In addition to increasing the sensations during intercourse, the use of Kegel balls will allow the woman to better understand the functioning of her perineum, to better feel the effects of pleasure, the warning signs of orgasm and thus better guide his or her partner to achieve it. As with masturbation, a good knowledge of your body is always beneficial to fulfilled sexuality . 

For those who have difficulty feeling and locating it, Marion Pollono gives some additional advice:

  • Looking at ourselves through a mirror placed in front of the vulva by squeezing and releasing, we see a movement at the level of the vulvar orifice;
  • Position a finger at the central core of the perineum, between the vaginal and anal orifice, you can feel it hardening and softening when you contract and release. For those who can, it is possible to put the finger in the vagina, squeeze, release;
  • When we are on the toilet, we perceive the contract-release, we are used to relaxing, it is a moment which can help to perceive this sensation ,” explains the specialist.

We often start taking care of our perineum when it is damaged. However, it would be better to be aware of a healthy perineum. For example, during the first gynecological consultation, around 15-16 years old, it would be interesting for there to be awareness. Explain that the perineum is a muscle, which allows continence, but that it also has a sexual function ,” adds Marion Pollono.

Before using Kegel balls, it is recommended to do a perineal assessment with a health professional before using them for the first time (you're treating yourself, but always in a safe and good way for you). Moreover, if you use them as part of post-natal rehabilitation, this must be supervised, we are not going to go off on our own and we always ask for the green light first! The same goes for those who use it post-menopause.

The Rebirth box was designed for periods of major hormonal changes such as postpartum, menopause, it is also an ideal birth gift to finally think a little about the mother ;)

How do we use it?

To insert them, do not hesitate to use lubricant ( the famous safe guy to always have with you ) to be sure that the mucous membrane is well hydrated. Spread it generously on the ball. Relax, it may seem impressive the first time, but it's really simple. Lying with your legs apart, insert the balls one after the other gently, you can use your finger to position them more easily in the depths of the vagina. Leave the cord protruding outside, this will allow you to remove them without difficulty.

Once they are in place, you can have two types of use:

  • Active : you contract then relax your perineum, these are the famous Kegel exercises;
  • Passive : you leave them in place and go about your business, simple as that.

Little tips, remember to empty your bladder before use!

And to remove them, most models are equipped with a rope (preferred models by the way) which you will leave beyond, simply relax the perineum and gently pull on it to extract them.

The balls can be inserted daily for sessions of 10 to 30 minutes maximum.

How do we clean them?

Like any toy that accompanies you in your intimate moments, the hygiene of your Kegel balls must be rigorous. These allies of your pleasure must be cleaned before and after each use since they are in contact with your vaginal mucous membranes.

To do this, hot water and mild soap, for example that used for intimate hygiene, will do the trick perfectly! The ideal is to opt for balls connected together by a removable wire, this way you are sure to be able to clean them well everywhere by removing it each time.

You know everything, all you have to do is integrate them into your routine for your greatest pleasure :)

Nina Ristori


Interview with Marion Pollono, physiotherapist specializing in the perineum and sexologist.

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