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Article: These little everyday things that improve libido and sexual well-being

Ces petites choses du quotidien qui améliorent la libido et le bien-être sexuel
le saviez-vous ?

These little everyday things that improve libido and sexual well-being

To improve your sex life, there are plenty of little techniques to which we do not necessarily attribute these virtues. Here is a short guide to these little things that significantly impact your sexual well-being without you realizing it.


Let's start with the basics. A healthy lifestyle largely involves our plates. Obviously we're not talking about diet, but about putting good foods on the menu to provide your body with all the good things it needs. You will have more energy, you will feel better in your body and your mind and will therefore be more able to enjoy these quality moments of intimacy.

And certain foods have the added bonus of being aphrodisiacs. Why not try adding them to your diet?

  • Chocolate, for example, is rich in antioxidants and known to increase the production of endorphins;
  • Spices, especially ginger, are also good allies to spice up your lovemaking;
  • Red fruits are rich in flavonoids which promote good blood circulation;
  • Certain plants like maca or ashwaganda also have virtues for your sexuality;
  • Foods rich in zinc such as nuts, almonds or even oysters will also be your allies.

Conversely, unsurprisingly, try to limit the consumption of alcohol and tobacco, which have harmful effects on sexual health (and health in general).

Take the time to slow down

What if you slowed down a little to really focus on your pleasure? We have already told you about the benefits of slow sex. Take the time to discover the pleasure of slowness. Looking at each other, touching each other, gently touching each other, breathing together... There are many things to explore while putting performance concerns aside. Communicate about your sensations throughout, you don't even need to go as far as penetration, enjoy the moment and this pleasure which changes from your routine.

The Slow box set was designed to slow down the pace under the covers and help you enjoy fully conscious sexuality .

Move differently

If you're one of the many people who struggle to find pleasure in vaginal penetration, try some new moves that might help you feel things differently. This is the case of rocking for example. During penetration, you make a tilting movement of your pelvis so that your clitoris exerts pressure along the base of the penis or the toy or even the fingers. Small particularity, there is no back and forth. Angling consists of searching for the angle of penetration that offers you the most sensations. You can also try shallow penetration, called shallowing , which aims to stimulate the particularly innervated area located at the entrance to the vagina.

Finally, do not hesitate to combine stimulation of the external part of the clitoris at the same time as penetration. Yes ! You may be part of the majority of cisgender women (54%) who need both internal and external stimulation to achieve orgasm. Furthermore, this famous double stimulation leads to the so-called mixed orgasm which, in our humble opinion, is worth experiencing.


Yoga is an ideal sport to boost your libido. Its practice helps to control breathing for better letting go and stress management. As an added bonus, yoga helps you have a toned perineum, which promises more intense pleasure during intercourse. Certain postures are particularly interesting, as described by the Oly Be studio :

  • Pelvic tilt: you perform anteversions and retroversions, your pelvis will gain flexibility;
  • The butterfly posture for better opening of the hips: this posture “ opens the pelvis, tones the pelvic floor and releases tension in the sexual organs ”;
  • Half-bridge: this posture will stimulate the glands, notably the thyroid, but also strengthen the thighs and buttocks, soften the back, and raise awareness of the perineum;
  • Child's pose: ideal for releasing tension, opening the hips and letting go.


Breathing is an essential element for enjoying yourself. During intercourse, practicing belly breathing offers many advantages:

  • reduce stress,
  • relax the muscles
  • and control your level of arousal.

Start by practicing this breathing in your everyday life so that it becomes natural and you don't have to think about it during your intercourse, otherwise it is counterproductive. You can also include some cardiac coherence exercises in your daily life, this practice is known to provide better management of stress and its emotions. And, a virtuous circle, the more we manage to manage our stress, the more we manage to relax and let go in bed, and it is therefore quite natural that pleasure invites itself into our bed.


Sometimes you are your own defense to pleasure. It's not easy to clear your head of everyday worries to fully live the moment. We quickly tend to let our minds wander to the things we still have to do next, and let's be honest, there are more effective ways to enjoy ourselves. Liz Goldwin, creator of the podcast The Sex Ed (in English) spoke to the Poosh site. She has in fact concocted a guided meditation to succeed in concentrating on the moment, experiencing things in full awareness. Whether with your partner or alone, you can try a quick little meditation, getting into the mood with soft music and/or candles. You will enjoy the moment even more. And practicing meditation regularly will help you have this ability to put yourself in your bubble more easily.

The sleep

This last point seems obvious. It's difficult to be overflowing with desire if you're exhausted by sleepless nights. Sleeping well is perhaps the first pillar of a healthy lifestyle. This is not always easy, for example if you are parents of young children. But as much as possible, try to go to bed early and turn off your electronic devices. Adopt a calm evening routine that sends a message to your brain that it's almost time for bed. Skincare routine, reading, meditation, cuddles… choose what suits you to have a little moment to yourself at the end of the day and prepare yourself for a good night of restful sleep.

Nina Ristori


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