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Article: The benefits of lubricant in tandem with your sex toy

Les bienfaits du lubrifiant en duo avec son sextoy

The benefits of lubricant in tandem with your sex toy

Why use a lubricating gel with a sex toy and especially how to choose it from the hundreds of references available on the internet?
This is the question we asked ourselves at Blush and to answer it in the best possible way, we called on Benoît, product manager at YESforLOV, the French brand expert in intimate lubricating gel .
So, is Benoît, lubricant, really the best friend of our intimate toys? What are the benefits of lubricant combined with your sex toy?
What are the rules to know and put into practice to find THE intimate lubricant that suits you best?

What is lubricant?

Intimate lubricant is an often aqueous gel with a very slippery texture to offer you endless comfort and pleasure in your love games. It helps limit the unpleasant sensations of friction and heating, to increase the sensations of pleasure.
Very easy to use, simply apply a dab of lubricant on your sex toy, on your private lips, at the entrance to the vagina or on the corpus cavernosum of the penis and let yourself go according to your intuitions.
As a general rule, the more there are, the better the glide will be. But be careful, it is essential to choose a lubricant that respects the physiological pH of your mucous membranes to harmonize with all your romantic games without putting aside respect for your privacy.

Why use lubricant with a sex toy?

Incorporating lubricant is not an easy subject to discuss with yourself or as a couple, because even if lube is “mainstream” today, it has not always been popular with the general public. Too often associated with a medical device designed to fight against intimate dryness or against problems of sexual desire, there are however a thousand and one good reasons to invite it into your love rituals. Lubricant is often THE solution to enhance your lovemaking, bring comfort to your romantic relationships, but also solve a lot of your intimate problems.
To understand the usefulness of a complementary lubricating gel, it is interesting to look at the mechanism of lubrication. In women, there are two sources of female lubrication: that of the vulva and that of the vagina. Under the surge of excitement, the woman will generally secrete through different glands and pores a liquid fluid called cyprine which has the function of lubricating the intimate area to facilitate sexual union. The quantity of vaginal fluids is not necessarily representative of the level of female arousal and may vary with each intercourse under the influence of menstrual cycles, medication, state of fatigue, level of libido, felt stress or even alcohol consumption for example. There is therefore no so-called “normal” amount of vaginal lubricant, but rather a minimum: that of comfortable penetration and, above all, pain-free coitus. In men, lubrication is emitted by the urethra which releases a liquid which would also promote the lubrication of the glans and the movement of the foreskin, providing greater comfort and glide during sexual intercourse. Although the natural capabilities of the human body are sometimes more than sufficient to have a good time, arming yourself with a good lubricant can prove very useful to bring even more comfort to your caresses and this is all the more true with a sex toy. And yes, an intimate toy does not lubricate like a penis and does not offer the same touch! Adding a lubricant to your sex toy will therefore facilitate the first caresses and bring softness and lightness to your first penetrations. Finally, it will provide, over time, all the comfort necessary for your naughty games while magnifying this unique experience.

YESforLOV intimate lubricant has been designed to offer maximum comfort in each of your love rituals. Formulated with ingredients of natural origin and hyaluronic acid, it is respectful of your privacy. It is not a simple lubricant since it also offers care to your mucous membranes with better hydration and long-term protection.
Are you still not convinced? Do the test by running your finger gently over part of the silicone of your toy, then repeat the experiment but this time with your finger coated with lubricant.
You will see it for yourself; with a lubricant it's soft, it slides and it increases tenfold like our tactile perception.

Which lubricant to choose with your intimate toy?

What are the rules to know to choose the right lubricant? Are they all compatible with your favorite intimate toy? Which lubricant should you use with your Ona Vibrating Clitoral Stimulator? All these questions deserve to be asked and clear and precise explanations must be provided to have an informed opinion on the subject. Here is the rule to know before you start purchasing a lubricant.

If your intimate toy is made of wood, glass or steel, ALL intimate lubricants on the market are compatible, those based on water, those based on silicone or oil.
We still recommend that you preferably use lubricants made in France and above all tested under gynecological control. This is one more precaution to take to guarantee the vitality of your precious mucous membranes.
On the other hand, regarding sex toys made from medical silicone, that is to say the most common, it is a completely different matter, because silicone-based lubricants tend to make your intimate toy porous and to degrade its aesthetic appearance.
For use with a sex toy, the simplest rule to remember is to only use a water-based intimate lubricant .
Normally, manufacturers of intimate lubricants indicate and mention on the packaging whether the lubricant is compatible with intimate toys. They are required to do a legal test to prove it.
In the YESforLOV laboratories, no degradation of the toy should be perceptible between a sex toy tested with or without lubricant. An intimate lubricant is therefore considered compatible if no degradation is visible to the naked eye or by the sense of touch. The principle of this test is to evaluate over time whether the sliding gel is likely to damage intimate silicone toys. The general appearance of the toy is therefore the criterion used to highlight any possible deterioration in the physical and mechanical characteristics of the product.
Taking into account the means of testing, the associated uncertainties and the tests carried out by YESforLOV for more than ten years, we can conclude that silicone lubricants can in the long term damage the silicone of your toy unlike a water-based lubricant.

In the range of water-based intimate lubricants available on Blush you can find the YESforLOV moisturizing lubricant and other very good quality European brands like Bijoux Indiscrets which you can use with your eyes closed with your sex toy.
And if you want to enjoy an even more sensory experience than ever, test the YESforLOV arousal gels without further delay which lubricate and innervate your clitoris to say YES to you more strongly than usual.

You are ready to multiply and get the most out of your sex toy. We now wish you an experience full of pleasure and above all high-flying. ❤️‍🔥

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