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Article: Numbness of the clitoris

L'engourdissement du clitoris
le saviez-vous ?

Numbness of the clitoris

Clitoral numbness or “dead vagina syndrome” are terms that we hear more and more about on the Internet. It's true that the term “dead vagina syndrome” can be scary, but rest assured, it's much more benign than it seems. There is no medical evidence that “dead vagina syndrome” actually exists in the long term. It is simply a temporary numbness of the genitals and especially the clitoris.
We will explain everything to you !

When can you suffer from clitoral numbness?

Following stimulation of the clitoris that is a little too powerful or too repeated, some people notice a desensitization in this erogenous zone when they masturbate or make love.

What can cause clitoral numbness?

Generally, we point the finger at masturbation or the abusive use of sex toys and other vibrators as being responsible for this numbness. This needs to be qualified, it is true that sex toys stimulate the clitoris much more than our partner's fingers or tongue, but no study has demonstrated that the use of a sex toy of any kind causes long-term desensitization. term of the clitoris.
Of course, if you put your sex toy on full power each time you use it, you may feel insensitivity for a while afterwards, but nothing alarming.
Some sex toys are more numbing than others, it depends on the speed mode and the power of the speeds.
Ona, our clitoral stimulator was designed to limit this numbness. With a pulsing/suction/sucking head, it rests delicately on the clitoris or nipples. Its vibrating body makes the slightest area touched shiver. It has 6 speeds and 3 wave modes for the pulsation function and the vibration function to allow everyone to find the speed that suits them best. 🔥

Temporary symptoms

Doctor Shazia Malik, an English gynecologist, says that it is possible to feel a reduction in sensitivity in the vagina after using a sex toy or after sexual intercourse but it is “almost always temporary”. After a few hours the numbness disappeared. A similar phenomenon can also occur after childbirth.
Also note that cases of clitoral insensitivity are quite rare. According to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, around 16% of women surveyed have already felt numbness after using a vibrator for varying periods of time. And 0.5% of them said that this numbness lasted all day. If you recognize yourself in this situation, don't worry, you will enjoy yourself again, but if these symptoms persist, do not hesitate to consult a health professional.

Do not confuse “clitoral numbness” and “vaginal depression”

If numbness of the clitoris known as “dead vagina syndrome” is something benign, this is not the case for “vaginal depression” also known by the medical name vulvodyne. Vuvlvodyne is characterized by strong, unexplained pain in the vulva. This may be similar to a form of dyspareunia .
Concretely, the “depression” of the vagina results in burning sensations at the entrance to the vagina during penetration . Whether it is during sexual intercourse or even putting in a tampon or menstrual cup, pain is present.
We don't really know the cause of this “depression” but all women can suffer from it, at any age.
Vulvodyne is not to be confused with vaginismus which is another disorder.

Either way, our advice is to never skimp on your health. If you feel that something is not normal or have the slightest persistent pain, consult a healthcare professional as soon as possible. Take care of yourself. ❤️‍🔥


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