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Article: “I never felt vaginal pleasure until I explored myself alone”

"Je n'ai jamais ressenti de plaisir vaginal, jusqu'à ce que je m'explore seule"

“I never felt vaginal pleasure until I explored myself alone”

After always thinking of being "clitoral", Sarah, 31, tells us how she rediscovered penetration thanks to a vibrator.

"I always believed that I was one of those women who are not very sensitive to vaginal pleasure, and in concrete terms this translates into little sensation during penetration... It's not unpleasant, just happy! It's just that it's always been a big disappointment for me who imagined myself like in those great (straight) movie scenes where the woman climaxes in pleasure during the guy's intense thrusts. So yes, it's. is upsetting, and the start of my sex life was a big disappointment. Am I normal? Is something wrong with me or is penetration totally overrated in our society?

Imagine that I am not the only one and if you are reading these lines, you may have asked yourself the same questions. In fact, it all depends on the people. Some people like it and others don't, it's tastes and colors. And I came to the conclusion that I am one of the clitorals (or more precisely those who prefer external stimulation of the clitoris)."

“What if penetration was a scam?”

"For years I stopped at this conclusion, I gently explained to my partners that it wasn't really what would get me off, and that they had better be interested in my clitoris if they wanted to make me climb the curtain.
I loved the moment of penetration, the strong tension of the few seconds which precede and follow, the exchange with my partner, perhaps I even just liked the idea of ​​doing it like in the films, all of that appealed to me. excited a lot, probably in response to his arousal and his orgasm. But unfortunately, even though for a long time I tried to believe it, we were still 200 places away from an orgasm for me.

Yet this quest had a taste of unfinished business and kept running through my mind. If I'm not the only one, why don't we ever talk about it? Have I really tried everything? Explored everything? If it really was a scam it would be known, right?

“It is first up to me to discover myself in order to understand”

"And then one day, I came across this beautiful site that sells equally beautiful sex toys, and I felt able to tell myself that if I wanted to be sure, it was up to me, alone, to concentrate on my desires and my pleasure, to go and explore this area Why did I leave this quest for my pleasure to others? It is first up to me to discover myself in order to understand. can take things in hand! What if finally, a vibrator, which was designed for that, could help me find this famous G-spot that I have been looking for for so long? ' Lady's Bow ).

First attempt, I looked for the G spot, I couldn't find it, and yet I had revised: a more or less rough area a few centimeters from the entrance to the vagina (upwards when I'm on my back). Nothing, niet, nada. First clear conclusion: if neither a penis, nor fingers, nor a vibrator, if no one can give me pleasure by rubbing this area, then it is because it is not a source of pleasure for me. It doesn't matter, I don't get discouraged, I decide to continue my quest, and I start again with the objective of going further, figuratively and literally. “Deep spots”, it seems, are orgasmic points deep in the vagina. I get in the mood and create an ultra-hot scenario in my head (helped by a little porn, let's put it mildly). I'm looking for total excitement so I go all out on all the points that excite me. And once the excitement is at the peak (and I think that was key in my approach), I get started. Everything reminds me of the sensations of penetration with a partner, but here I only think about myself and I control everything. Little by little, I realize that I'm getting off on it. And at the cost of great concentration, I finally manage to find my Holy Grail. Victory ! Enjoyment! Exhaustion."

Create a connection between vagina and pleasure

"Curiously the conclusion of this discovery is not at all what I expected: the orgasm I felt was very intense but similar to that achieved through clitoral stimulation. I imagine that this is the way whose body is wired for orgasm, regardless of stimulation. On the other hand, and this is the power of this exploration, I realized that I liked penetration much more than before, everything. simply because my head understood that it was also a pleasure zone. It was as if I had succeeded in creating a connection of pleasure between my brain and my vagina. All the frustration linked to this misunderstanding disappeared. give way to listening to my body and well-being."

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