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Article: 3 good reasons to strengthen your pelvic floor and the ultimate tips for doing it from home

3 bonnes raisons de muscler son périnée et les conseils ultimes pour le faire de chez soi
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3 good reasons to strengthen your pelvic floor and the ultimate tips for doing it from home

The 3 good reasons to strengthen your perineum, when and how to do it?

The perineum is closely linked to our intimate and sexual well-being. It is made up of a set of muscles and ligaments located in the pelvis which extend from the pubis to the coccyx. Also called the pelvic floor, it is present in all human beings (yes, men also have a perineum!).

One of the main roles of the perineum is to support the genitals and participate in sexual response and fulfillment. The intensity of women's pleasure is therefore closely linked to the tone and flexibility of the perineum.

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#1 – Strengthen your perineum to boost your orgasms

During an orgasm, the pelvic muscles contract spasmodically (rhythmic and involuntary). As the branches of the clitoris become entangled in these muscles, perineal contractions will stimulate the clitoris during penetration.

A functional and toned perineum therefore improves the quality and frequency of orgasms and the more toned it is, the longer and more intense the orgasms will be.

If the pelvic muscles are too relaxed, you may no longer feel sensation during sex. It is therefore essential to ensure that your perineum is healthy to have a healthy and fulfilling sex life.

#2 – A toned perineum for better sensations

During sexual intercourse, if the perineum is firm and tight, the woman will be able to feel maximum sensations and pleasure.

The partner's penis will also be better encompassed and surrounded by your vagina. The strength and ability to control perineal contractions around the penis will also increase sensations. The pleasure felt by the partner is then even greater.

With a more muscular perineum, the benefits are double: in addition to improving your pleasure and sensations, you also improve those of your partner!

#3 – Improve your natural lubrication

Lubrication of the vagina is partly ensured by the Bartholin glands, located in the pelvic muscles. If the perineum is more toned, the glands are better emptied and the vagina is then better lubricated.

A woman also undergoes many hormonal changes during her life. Whether following pregnancy or menopause, these changes can be responsible for muscular relaxation of the perineum.

When the perineum is too loose and no longer toned enough, this can lead to the appearance of many factors such as:

It is therefore essential to take care of your perineum to ensure the good quality of your sexual relations and your intimate pleasure.

When to start strengthening your perineum?

The good news is that there is no bad timing to start strengthening your pelvic floor: you can start at any time and at any age. Health professionals recommend regularly doing exercises at home to strengthen your perineum. The longer we can do them, the better the effects will be on our perineal tone.

It's a bit like abs. If after 10 sessions we stop doing it, we return to square one after a few weeks. It's exactly the same with the pelvic muscles if you stop training them. So we motivate ourselves, and we find tips to stay regular!

Tone your perineum at home with Emy

To train your perineum from home, there are different methods. Biofeedback is one of the most effective methods for strengthening your pelvic floor. The principle ? You are active and you voluntarily contract your perineum to make it work.

The innovative Emy solution is, for example, based on this technology. It consists of a vaginal probe connected to a fun mobile application. The probe detects your movements and the contractions you perform. On your phone, you follow the instructions for exercises to perform (contraction, relaxation) and you see your effort directly in real time on the application.

Emy fizimed

The exercises are offered in the form of games. They are based on the medical protocols used in the office by physiotherapists and midwives. Launch a rocket, move a canoe forward, fish ducks... all thanks to the strength of your perineum!

In addition, the effectiveness of the Emy medical device is clinically proven : from 3 weeks of training, the first effects are felt. So if you are looking for a French solution to tone your perineum at home at your own pace, Emy is the one for you!

Surprise for our beloved readers, the Fizimed team is offering you a €20 promo code with BLUSH20.

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