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Article: Useless ? On the contrary ! Lubricant is a “good” habit and here are 6 good reasons

Inutile ? Au contraire ! Le lubrifiant est une "bonne" habitude et voici 6 bonnes raisons

Useless ? On the contrary ! Lubricant is a “good” habit and here are 6 good reasons

Or how a few drops of glides have become an essential part of my sex routine.

To those who think that lubricant is for others.

In reality, there are few downsides to its use. Except perhaps getting some! For many, it has become an essential gesture of assumed and uninhibited sexuality.

Let it be said, I had never felt a need for external lubrication before testing this viscous gel. I always knew lubricants existed, but I always told myself I didn't need them, because, yes, I thought I had enough vaginal secretion when I was aroused enough. Well, that was before testing what would become a totem of my sexuality.

Indeed, after delving into the subject - you don't need a digger either - I realized that lubrication is the basis, the foundation, the alphabet of sexual well-being. Here are the 6 reasons why I always have a lubricant on hand in private.

  1. Women's lubrication is variable and for many reasons: cycle period, fatigue, stress, etc. It depends on a lot of things that are independent of our state of excitement. Let's not put unnecessary barriers on ourselves because natural non-lubrication is not an anatomical failure, and even less so is our body telling us not to go there.

  2. Everything is softer with lubrication, and yes that's where I say it, I like it when it doesn't stick, whether it's with the fingers, the tongue or the other person's penis. I find a sticky inner lip a bit embarrassing. Both there is a little discomfort when it happens (often at the beginning) and at the same time there is a small risk that it will not be pleasant (especially for me). This micro-discomfort and this slight risk of discomfort, that's two good reasons for the price of one, it's for me.

  3. Sometimes natural lubrication takes a little time. While me and my body feel totally ready. I clearly want it, I have no doubt. But I know that in my pants we are more on a diesel start, and it is present in my head. It almost casts doubt on my desire: if I'm not wet then does that mean that I don't really want it? So for a moment, I step out of the intensity of the moment. And the worst thing is that it can be a vicious circle. Let's reassure ourselves right away, if we feel ready, but things remain dry down there, we trust each other, we add a little lube and we enjoy the moment without worrying.

  4. My partner doesn't get wet, and when we're in a non-penetrative mode, the lub provides incredible softness and glide. The massages/gestures are more intense. It's incomparable for him and for me.

  5. Pain, let's talk about it, sometimes it's not much but in fact it's never insignificant. You should never be in pain when you are looking for pleasure. Lubricant does not erase all the pain but it is a good start, accessible and without inconvenience. We already said it in the intro, I know.

  6. And saliva? So honestly there are several schools, for me, it's no. It's quite personal (like this whole article you're going to tell me) but the gesture is not like me, without any judgment.

Before concluding, here is a quick summary of what you need to know to choose the one that is right for you. There are 3 main categories of lubricants:

  • water based,
  • silicone
  • or vegetable oil.

To start, I recommend the water-based one , because there are no contraindications. It is compatible with condoms, with all your sex toys , with your sensitive skin or even with your pregnancy . The only "negative" point is that it dries (sometimes you have to reapply it for long-lasting antics), but personally I'm often happy that it doesn't fill the sheets with it #chargementale.
Our Lube lubricant is your perfect ally to fight against all these inconveniences. Formulated with water and hyaluronic acid, Lube respects the physiological pH of the intimate flower and maintains the balance of the vaginal flora.

Then, the silicone-based lubricant, the texture is crazy and the duration is limitless. But be careful, it can damage silicone condoms and sex toys (silicone versus silicone equals porosity and bacteria).

Finally, for their part, lubricants based on vegetable oils also last longer than aqueous ones. They are more ecological and on average less expensive. On the other hand, they can stain, and like silicone-based lubricant, they are not compatible with silicone condoms and sex toys.

More info on Blush's beautiful selection of lubricants .

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