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Article: The guide to maintaining fulfilling sexuality during menopause

Le guide pour conserver une sexualité épanouie à la ménopause
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The guide to maintaining fulfilling sexuality during menopause

Menopause by no means marks the end of your sex life. Let's see things differently, at the age of menopause sexuality is much freer, you have better knowledge of your body and your desire. It's time to break taboos, menopause is the ideal time to experiment with new things sexually speaking. We explain…

Problems encountered during menopause

Menopause is one of the milestones of change in a woman's life. It appears on average around 45-55 years of age and is characterized by the “cessation of the activity of the ovaries (they no longer secrete estrogen and progesterone) and the definitive cessation of menstruation” according to Larousse.
Menopause can be accompanied by various disorders which can have an impact on sexual life such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes, discomfort during penetration or even itching. Don't panic, we have small products to recommend to you to address all your ailments.
For vaginal dryness and itching, Miyé intimate gel or Baûbo vulva balm are perfect to meet your needs.

Formulated with 99% ingredients of natural origin, this gel hydrates, protects and relieves intimate areas which could be dry or sensitized.

Formulated with 100% ingredients from Organic Farming, this natural and organic intimate care product is designed to moisturize and soothe sensitive vulvas and fight against vaginal discomfort and dryness.

To alleviate hot flashes or sleep problems, the best thing would be to make an appointment with your gynecologist to talk about it and see if a treatment would be better suited to alleviate your symptoms.

Is sexuality after 50 a taboo?

Certainly, the word is becoming clearer when it comes to sexual well-being but still remains timid when it comes to sexuality in women over 50. Who said that after 50 women no longer have desire?
Unfortunately many still believe that menopause and libido are not meant to get along. It's wrong !
The problem is that caregivers are not always well trained and informed and patients have the idea that it is normal that at menopause we no longer do the love then, they do not dare to talk about it to their health professional.

Advice for fulfilling sexuality during menopause

We reassure you right away, it is perfectly possible to have fulfilled sexuality at menopause.

1- Do not neglect the benefits of talking to a health professional

Consult your gynecologist or a sex therapist, they will best advise you on existing therapeutic treatments to help you improve your sex life. This can involve estrogen treatment or strengthening your perineum.

With these 5 balls with interchangeable weights, this pelvic training kit is perfect for post-menopause rehabilitation. After exercise, comfort: a strengthened perineum increases sensations and therefore pleasure.

2- Go and discover a new sensation

To use the terms cited in the introduction, menopause is the perfect time to explore new sensual horizons. Using a sex toy and other accessories can spice up your sex life, stimulating new erogenous zones and offering you new pleasures. Don't be afraid to innovate and discover what makes you tick!

Ona, our vibrating clitoral stimulator is ideal for any nightstand. Ona is a small revolution in sex toys, it offers two functions for increased pleasure:
A suction function that delicately rests on the clitoris and will turn all heads
A vibration function to provide that touch that awakens the slightest affected area.

3- The importance of foreplay

Make this moment last as long as possible, foreplay is essential to build excitement. Tell your partner to slow down and take their time in order to lift you even higher. What might also interest you is the practice of slow sex in order to intensify your sensations and practice sexual mindfulness.
Use a hyaluronic acid lubricant to combat vaginal dryness and better ride the wave of pleasure.

Well known in the cosmetic industry, hyaluronic acid goes beyond facial hydration. This highly hydrating active ingredient keeps your natural water level stable, preserving your skin's hydration and elasticity. The mixture of water and hyaluronic acid is the perfect combination to avoid the discomfort of friction while maintaining the vitality and natural lubrication of your intimate area.

4- Have good communication with your partner

We've often told you that communication is the key to a fulfilling sex life at any age, but it becomes even more crucial during menopause. Talk openly to your partner about your needs, concerns, and desires. Together, you can explore new ways to maintain physical and emotional intimacy.

5- Self-love above all

Menopause is a time of transition, and it's normal to experience challenges along the way. Be patient with yourself and don't put too much pressure on yourself.
Accept and love your body, your imperfections. Self-confidence is a powerful aphrodisiac, and it will help you experience a fulfilling menopause on all levels.


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