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Article: How to use a sex toy as a couple?

Comment utiliser un sextoy en couple ?

How to use a sex toy as a couple?

Exploring intimacy with your partner is a never-ending adventure and using sex toys can be a very stimulating way to spice up your sex life. Using sex toys as a couple opens up honest conversations about each other's desires and can also reignite passions. Whether you are a novice or an expert, using sex toys as a couple can strengthen the bond between you and, above all, discover new sensations.

How to gently introduce the idea of ​​using a sex toy during your lovemaking?

The key lies in open and honest communication (no big surprise you might say). Initiate the conversation with your partner, tell them how you see things, what you would like to try together, express your curiosity and your desires, while encouraging them to do the same.
If you feel that your partner is reluctant at first glance, ask him/her what bothers him/her about the idea of ​​using a sex toy as a couple and reassure him/her about his/her fears.
It may take some time to convince your partner; several conversations may be necessary. If you see that he/she is completely closed to this idea, do not insist, it could cause tensions within your relationship and that is not what we are looking for! Communication and kindness are the key words for this type of discussion.

What sex toy can you use as a couple?

Once you have managed to convince your partner that using a sex toy in your lovemaking can be something very cool, the question is what sex toys can you use together?
There are a multitude of sex toys that can be used as a couple, it all depends on what you are looking for and what you like.
You can use a penetrative sex toy designed to target internal erogenous zones, including your partner's G-spot or prostate, to give another dimension to your pleasure. Using this type of sex toy encourages better knowledge of your body as well as that of your partner.
The Lady's Bow is ideal for exploring these intimate areas with its flexible head and discreet crest it will have you off your feet in no time.

Connected sex toys also bring a new dimension to your lovemaking. By giving control to either partner, it brings added excitement. Whether you are in the same space or at a distance, they can create some very pleasant surprises.

 The vibrating ring, the versatile accessory for couples. Placed at the base of the penis it offers clitoral stimulation during penetration. Some models feature vibrations to stimulate the penis, creating a shared experience of pleasure.

A clitoral stimulator, we no longer present Ona, our little darling. Ona is a clitoral stimulator that can be used solo or in a duo. Its design has been designed so that it can be held by your partner. Ona is a small revolution in terms of sexual fulfillment, it offers two functions for double pleasure:

  • a pulsed air head that sits on the clitoris or chest to turn heads
  • a vibration function designed to awaken the smallest area of ​​the body touched

What are the different positions to try?

1)- Face to Face
This is one of the most intimate positions for using a sex toy as a couple. This position allows for intense eye contact with your partner while providing the opportunity for targeted stimulation.

2)- Back to back
By standing back to back, it can create a feeling of intimacy while still playing with the excitement of the unknown. You can use remotely controlled sex toys to surprise your partner. This proposal allows you to stimulate different areas of the body while maintaining reassuring physical contact.

3)- One above the other
By using a sex toy while lying down, one partner can use the toy while exploring the other's body. This position allows for a different power dynamic that can be very exciting for both parties.

4)- Sitting position
Sitting face to face or side by side can make the experience fun. This allows for relaxed exploration and promotes communication. For this position you can choose sex toys connected simultaneously for a shared experience all the way!

The Initiate box set is ideal for beginners to discover the joys of masturbation alone or with others, as well as the essential gestures of the sex routine without taboos or complexes.
The box contains our Ona clitoral stimulator to be able to alternate between vibrations and pulsations, a Lip lubricant to accompany your best sliding companion and the book bringing together all the knowledge of Jüne Plã, the priestess of the best shots guaranteed!


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