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Article: 5 tips for asking your partner for new experiences in bed

5 conseils pour demander à son partenaire de nouvelles expériences au lit

5 tips for asking your partner for new experiences in bed

Dirty talk has a reputation for being simple, encouraging and above all for being sexually explicit. At least that's what we're led to believe in the movies... In reality people classify this kind of conversation into two categories: either dirty talk during the act or a long humiliating and critical conversation that takes place outside of the bedroom and that risks destroying the sexual relationship.
Some people keep their preferences or fantasies to themselves to avoid critical discussion and protect the other person's feelings. However, it is important to understand that keeping quiet about your desires is rarely a favor to your sexual partner; It's very likely that your partner wants to please you and receive instructions on how to do it, even if it hurts their ego a little in the process.
If you feel comfortable starting this conversation, here are some tips for crossing new boundaries with your partner.

Consider the context

Honestly you don't need to be in a serious context to talk about sex. It can be helpful to approach the conversation while you and your partner are already intimate in some way.
Asking for something you want sexually while preparing for sex will make more sense in context to someone who may not be expecting a discussion about sexuality at all.
Conversely, discussing your needs in a less intimate space, following an unrelated discussion, could catch your partner off guard and result in a less productive conversation.
Of course this is just advice, the best thing is to follow your instinct. Only you know which communication approaches are the most wise with your partner.

Talk about what you want and not what you lack

Of course it is important to tell the truth but it is also not necessary to do a complete analysis of your partner's performance to obtain the desired results.
If you just want to add one element, like bondage or a pre-sex massage, the request can be simple: Instead of saying "I'd like you to do more ·e by the idea that you do Y. What do you think about it?"
Of course, this method of communication does not make sense in all circumstances. Say, for example, your partner does something that doesn't really excite you. You could say something like "I've been thinking about how I feel about X and I think Y would turn me on more.

Don't forget to mention what you like about your partner

We're not going to lie if you sleep with this person it's good for a reason. Think about the things your partner already does that you enjoy, or the ways they excite you outside of the bedroom, and bring them up throughout the conversation. This can be helpful if one of your partner's strengths can be leveraged to achieve what you hope for. For example, he may have a strong personality in his everyday life and you would like him to convey it more in the bedroom. Give him an example of a time he turned you on with his personality or behavior and how it could be eroticized in bed.

Accept that your partner may be reluctant, but that doesn't mean the discussion is over.

Your partner may not feel comfortable or excited by your request. If you come to a refusal, ask yourself how important this desire is: is it just a curiosity or something you need in the bedroom to feel aroused or, more importantly, safe? If you need this sexual component to enjoy sex, talk to your partner about it too. This will allow you to discuss next steps, such as stopping sex altogether or, if the situation is less serious, outsourcing the desire to someone or something else.

Ask your partner if there is anything he/she would like to try

Show curiosity and humility by asking your partner if there is anything new they would like to try in the bedroom. This can pave the way for a more collaborative and honest conversation, which will help you discover your own fantasies. 😌

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