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Article: 5 tips to boost your libido

5 conseils pour booster sa libido

5 tips to boost your libido

If we had to define what libido is to put it simply, we would say that it is sexual appetite. Our sexual desire is impacted by several factors throughout our lives. It can vary depending on our emotional state, our physical health, and also because we simply don't want it (and there's no harm in that). If lack of desire is a problem for you, we have some solutions to make your loss of desire an old memory. We will be honest with you, we are not shamans but we still have some advice that we would like to share with you.

What is libido?

Libido concerns behavior, both psychoanalytic and biological.
On the psychological side, libido is an energy based on sexual impulses, it therefore arises as much from our thoughts as from our sexuality.
On the biological side, sexual desire designates a need, a desire for intimacy that can be satisfied alone or with a partner.
A lack of desire can be due to a hormonal change, poor mental health or even weakened physical health.
And even more so for women, post-pregnancy or menopause can be a hindrance to intimate development.

What are the factors that can disturb libido?


As you know, taking medication is not a trivial matter. For example, antidepressants can have a strong impact on libido because they work by changing brain chemistry by influencing the level of neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are a type of chemical messenger that play an important role, particularly in the regulation of mood, behavior and sexual function.

Hormonal contraception

Obviously we couldn't not talk about it! The birth control pill is a risk factor for sexual desire disorder in women. It's a kind of Russian roulette: it either boosts the libido or eradicates it.
Hormones are mainly responsible for our sexual desire. As a result, the release of estrogen or progesterone due to contraception disrupts the body's natural production of these hormones.

Anxiety and stress

We often forget it, but the main enemies of our libido are stress, doubt and anxiety. Yes, our sexual desire is linked to the thoughts that run through our minds. So, the more you feed your imagination with your desires and fantasies, the more you will want to satisfy them.
On the contrary, cultivating negative thoughts leads to lowering the level of interest in getting along with one's partner.
Fight the idea that your performance reflects what your partner thinks of you, this brings more anxiety and does not help your sex life flourish.

Periods and menopause

Sexual desire fluctuates throughout a woman's life through natural changes in hormone production. Generally we observe an increase in sexual urges as the period approaches but a decline as menopause approaches.
Have you noticed that your sexual desire is increased during your period? Well, it's because the genital tract is more lubricated at this time.

How to boost your libido?

Better communicate your desires

Even today in our society, the lack of desire or libido is something taboo or even shameful. Where performance is on a pedestal, we prefer to force pleasure rather than verbalize it.
Opening a discussion with your partner is an excellent way to get out of isolation when faced with a loss of libido, it also allows you to find solutions together and be reassured.

Eat healthy

We can sometimes overlook the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet, because apart from making you feel healthier, a healthy diet can be a real boost for your libido.
We recommend a diet rich in good lipids such as avocados, fatty fish, nuts, almonds, olive oil, etc.
Avoid anything that contains refined sugar, especially present in cakes and industrial dishes (of course, we grant you, a crunch from time to time has never hurt anyone, quite the contrary).
Refined sugar increases inflammation and estrogen therefore decreases libido.

Do regular physical activity

Did you know that physical exercise and sexuality are closely linked? When you think about it, making love is a bit like doing sports, you sweat, you're out of breath, sometimes you have aches and pains and it releases the same hormones.
Sport is beneficial for libido and for several reasons. First of all, sport improves blood circulation throughout the body, including the sexual organs. This helps combat stress and anxiety, which are two elements that contribute to a lack of desire.
Finally, playing sports strengthens the pelvic floor muscles and we know that a toned perineum improves sexual relations whether for men or women.
If you are not a very keen athlete you can start with yoga. Yoga improves mental well-being, self-awareness and compassion. The physical movement it involves increases body awareness, physical strength and flexibility.
So now there are no more excuses, we have found the irrefutable argument for you to take up sport.

Explore yourself alone

What's better than exploring yourself alone to rediscover your sexual desire. We have spoken to you several times about the benefits of solo masturbation , but taking the time to masturbate with your fingers or your sex toy is a good way to reconnect with yourself and your intimate pleasure.
Using a sex toy is of course not the miracle cure for regaining maximum libido but it can help you discover yourself better, discover new sensations, new pleasures.

Consult a sexologist

Consulting a sexologist is an essential step towards a more fulfilling sex life and better overall health. First, a sex therapist offers a safe and confidential space where you can discuss your sexual concerns openly, without fear of judgment. By understanding the physical, psychological and relational factors that influence libido.
In addition, sessions with a sexologist often allow you to discover practical solutions and techniques to improve sexual satisfaction and desire.
This holistic approach can also help resolve any conflicts or communication issues you may have in your relationships, thereby strengthening intimate bonds.

Additionally, it can also help reduce stress and anxiety related to sexuality, thereby promoting better mental and emotional health. By identifying and treating underlying issues such as hormonal disorders, past trauma or body image disorders.
A sex therapist can play a major role in restoring your self-confidence.

Need a little help finding your desires? We've found the perfect formula, a blend of plant extracts and natural ingredients to help resist libido-reducing stressors.



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