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Article: Clitoral stimulator: everything you need to know about this formidable orgasm companion

Stimulateur clitoridien : tout savoir sur ce compagnon d’orgasme redoutable

Clitoral stimulator: everything you need to know about this formidable orgasm companion

Sex toys are becoming more and more popular, especially among French women. “ In 2020, the proportion of the population having already used a sex toy exceeded the symbolic threshold of 50% for the first time: 51% precisely, a record level compared to measurements in previous years (48% in 2017, 37% in 2012, 9% in 2007, 7% in 1992) ”, revealed a survey carried out by Ifop and Passage du Désir.

Among the favorite products for women, we find clitoral stimulators in particular.

Clitoral stimulator or clit stimulator: what is it?

The clitoral stimulator is a female sex toy which, as its name suggests, stimulates the clitoris (so far no big surprise). Remember that it is the only female organ responsible for sexual pleasure and that it has 8000 nerve endings. It has an internal part and an external part. When we use this type of sex toy, it is the erectile, external part of the clitoris that we stimulate. You will have understood, no vaginal penetration but a real discovery of one's body and its pleasure alone (or in pairs).

Also called a “clitoral vacuum” (or “clitoral vacuum for short”), it obviously has nothing to do with spring cleaning, but it’s the mechanism that earns it this little nickname. In the field, it is said that the Womanizer has revolutionized the world of sex toys (just that). It is equipped with a hollow mouth which is placed around the clitoris (or the lips or the nipples, it's up to you) but without direct contact. It works by emitting air pressure waves which massage the clitoris, gently or more intensely depending on your desires. The clitoral stimulator creates a sensation similar to cunnilingus performed by an expert partner!

How do we use it?

Using a clitoral stimulator is simple and intuitive. Before starting, put yourself in the atmosphere that you like: dim light, candle, music... or just in a quiet room. You can start with a few caresses, then discover your clit by gently spreading your lips, before placing the toy on your clitoris. Then it's up to you: play with power, continuous or alternating movement... you are the absolute mistress of your pleasure. And it’s not necessarily to be consumed in moderation ;).

What to look for before buying (besides price)

While the price of the item will give you an idea of ​​the quality range in which you are located, it is not the only criterion to take into account before embarking on your purchase.

  • The size of the opening: it’s about finding the object that will best suit your anatomy. Depending on the size of your clitoris, you will prefer a larger or smaller opening. We take this opportunity for a little reminder: there is no standard body, there is just yours and the idea is to adapt to it and not to try to fit into boxes, in short, all clits are beautiful !
  • Power: here again, it's up to you to see what you like in masturbation, power, softness, both... You will then choose a product that follows you in all your desires. You can in particular opt for a clitoral stimulator with several intensity and power modes, which will allow you to test several (especially if it is a first purchase) or to vary the pleasures.
  • The vibration function or not: if you want to multiply the sensations and obtain double stimulation, choose a toy that offers both suction and vibration, this will give you incredible sensations . 
  • The quality of the silicone : don't skimp on the quality of your sex toys, they are in contact with your intimacy, it is important to take care of them. Therefore, choose a medical silicone instead, this means that it has been tested and can be in contact with the skin without danger.
  • Handling: Again, this will be a matter of personal preference, but it's something to keep in mind when making your purchase. Ask yourself if you prefer a smaller toy that fits in your hand or something a little larger.

How do we clean it?

We can never repeat it enough, the hygiene of your sex toy must be impeccable. Preferably wash with lukewarm water and mild soap, rinse thoroughly and dry with a clean cloth or even better a test-all that you will dab on your object. Once cleaned and dried, place it back in its original pouch (or if you lost it, a clean cloth bag). You can then store it in a clean, dry place at room temperature. It will thus wait for you until the next use and will not risk causing you any inconvenience such as urinary infection or other joys that we wish to spare!

The selection of the Blush team


Reach the 7th heaven thanks to its slow and rhythmic suction sensation. Waterproof and autonomous for 3 hours, all you have to do is let yourself go as you wish and it will accompany you as far, as quickly and as many times as you want towards intense orgasm.

We have

Discover Ona our first vibrating clitoral stimulator . Ona is a small revolution, it has 2 functions for increased pleasure; a head that blows air/pulsations/suction and a body that vibrates. It has 9 speeds for both functions to vary the intensity according to your desires. Suffice to say: pleasure guaranteed!


This clitoral stimulator is straight from the nest to make you vibrate with pleasure. It offers both pulsations and vibrations for complete stimulation that will make your head spin.

Nina Ristori

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VISIO, WORK, VIBRO… SEXTOYS AND SEXUAL WELL-BEING IN THE TIME OF COVID-19 , Ifop survey in partnership with Passage du Désir, 02/11/2021

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