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Article: Sex toys: the 7 summer essentials to slip into your suitcase

Sextoys : les 7 essentiels de l’été à glisser dans sa valise

Sex toys: the 7 summer essentials to slip into your suitcase

Seaaaa, sex and suuun. The holidays are approaching, the program is being refined. And to accompany you in all these moments, the Blush team offers you its selection of summer essentials. Easy to take, discreet, and extremely effective, here are the must-haves for vacationers.

Compact sex toys, to have fun all summer long

The watchword when taking your toys on vacation: that they be compact and discreet. That’s good, the Blush team has exactly what you need! But our favorites are also waterproof, so they are perfect companions for slipping into a bath of sensuality (and why the swimming pool).

Another significant plus is that they each have a locking mode, which is very practical in the cabin suitcase (so as not to start vibrating when a security agent inspects your belongings at the airport). Their small size makes it easy to slip them into a pocket, neither seen nor known.

We present them to you!

Ona - The first clitoral stimulator by Blush

Discover our vibrating clitoral stimulator that you won't be able to do without! Ona offers to take you to 7th heaven thanks to gentle and rhythmic suction. Enough to make you reach orgasm very quickly and as many times as you want. It is autonomous for 3 hours straight, which gives you plenty of time to enjoy it again and again ;). It is also waterproof which is not insignificant! Choose between its 9 intensity speeds for each of the two functions according to your preferences and your current mood.

The PEP, Unbound, vibrating roller

Get your hands on the PEP, Unbound's vibrating roller, ideal for beginners, nomads, or both. 😌
Small in size certainly, but its vibrations are no less robust and deep (5 speeds and 3 modes).
Waterproof to a depth of one meter and rechargeable by USB, it is the ideal companion to follow you everywhere during your vacation. ☀️

The skincare range, to take care of yourself in all circumstances

Who said skincare was just for the face? Because taking care of your privacy means enjoying fulfilled sexuality even more, we have put together a little special holiday pack for you.

Wet Lips, Lip

For an intense, seamless body-to-body experience, try Lip Lubricant. A water-based and Ph-balanced product, this lubricant is formulated with probiotics to contribute to maintaining a healthy microbiota. Its touch is very fine and not greasy. It absorbs quickly and protects your skin for irritation-free hugs.

The little extra that makes the difference? Its hand cream look for an ultra discreet design, to slip into your makeup bag and its 50 ml format, ideal in cabin luggage.

The little balm, Baûbo - Balm for the vulva

It’s THE SOS balm par excellence! Take care of your vulva with Baûbo, your travel companion who will quickly become essential. This 100% organic treatment is composed only of natural ingredients, each with their own properties:

  • Coco: soothing, nourishing and softening;
  • Avocado: healing and soothing;
  • Jojoba: calming and softening;
  • Calendula: soothing;
  • Beeswax.

A perfect combo to relieve a sensitive and irritated vulva, whatever the reason: periods, intimate dryness, cycling, sand... Baûbo soothes and hydrates all your sores for your greatest pleasure.

We again appreciate its discreet lip balm design and its 15 ml format which can be slipped and taken anywhere.

Essential accessories

The book enjoyment club a map of pleasure, by Jüne Pla

You finally have some time for yourself! Take the opportunity to explore yourself (alone or with your partner) by reading the reference manual on the secrets of pleasure. Jouissance Club is a true bestseller that inspires, revives, learns, reinvents pleasure! The ideal vacation notebook ;)

The “after-sex” towel - Mouch’ette

Extend the cuddles after lovemaking with Mouchette, the after-sex towel. This small organic cotton cloth is ultra absorbent, very soft and respects your privacy. It is artisanally dyed, sewn and made in Bordeaux. It's much more eco-friendly than a Kleenex and much more comfortable than a sheet or a t-shirt.

The Kewos, Liebe kit - Geisha balls / Kegel

Take advantage of your vacation to strengthen your perineum with our Kegel ball kit. They are stylish, discreet, easy to clean and available in a kit of 5 balls with interchangeable weights. And as a bonus: a muscular perineum means increased sexual pleasure!

Good holidays :)

Nina Ristori

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