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Article: Rocking: do you know this technique to boost your pleasure during penetration?

Rocking : connaissez-vous cette technique pour booster votre plaisir lors de la pénétration ?
le saviez-vous ?

Rocking: do you know this technique to boost your pleasure during penetration?

Do you have difficulty enjoying vaginal penetration? You are not alone, far from it. If you are in an exploring mood, here is a technique that might interest you to find your pleasure: rocking. We tell you everything.

Feeling pleasure during vaginal penetration or even reaching orgasm is not a guarantee . 

Many people cannot do this and need external stimulation to enjoy. It's completely ok, it absolutely does not make you abnormal (we repeat it every time but normality has no place in sexuality, the only standards are yours and therefore specific to each person). On the other hand, if you want to explore this sphere of sexuality, make yourself comfortable, we are going to share a great tip with you.

Rocking: what is it?

An American study, published in the journal Plos One in April 2021, surveyed 3,000 women to find out their techniques for having an orgasm during intercourse with vaginal penetration. Among them, we find rocking (favorite by 76% of the women surveyed). But what exactly is it?

Before you start, discuss it with your partner because the penis, toy or hand, must remain in your vagina throughout, so there will be no back and forth movements. The goal is for it to stay in contact with your clitoris so that there is friction and support points throughout penetration.

Once the foundations are laid, it's up to you. You rock your pelvis so that your clitoris exerts pressure along the base of the penis/toy/finger. It's up to you to find the speed that suits you, if you prefer rocking back and forth or from side to side, circular movements or simply going by feeling... You are the captain of your pleasure! Rocking can be practiced when you are above, to the side or even below as long as the other person understands their role.

To better understand, rocking in images starts from this movement:

Other techniques are also mentioned in the study, here they are:

  • “Angling” : this technique is used by 87% of women, it consists of seeking the angle of penetration which provides the most pleasure by pivoting, lifting or lowering one's hips and pelvis;
  • “Shallowing” for 84% of respondents consists of using shallow penetration to stimulate the area at the entrance to the vagina which is the most sensitive because it is very innervated;
  • “Pairing” , which can also be called double stimulation and which consists of stimulating the external part of the clitoris during penetration. This technique is favored by 67.9% of the women surveyed.

No to the quest for orgasm at all costs

Be careful, however, not to become obsessed with orgasm .

We are in a moment of sharing and sensations and it must not turn into laboratory experimentation where we try so hard to apply this or that technique that we forget to live in the present moment at the risk of missing out on our pleasure. (that would still be the height). Especially since you may already be doing some of these movements unconsciously. Start slowly by experimenting a little, without disconnecting from your feelings or your partner. You can set up a game of looking together, to see the pleasure you are getting at this present moment for example, or even verbalize your sensations and feelings. And above all, let go. Relax, and enjoy the moment.

So, shall we try rocking?

In summary, rocking is a good way to amplify pleasure, to regain control and for penetration to no longer be passive for the person receiving it, we take things in hand. However, this should not compensate for a sexual act that gives you no pleasure or even pain. In this case, do not hesitate to consult to see where these come from and remedy them. In the meantime, there are plenty of other ways to get off in bed: it's up to you to find yours!

But if you want to explore the possibilities of having an orgasm via penetration, you can test new techniques and positions, read up on your anatomy to better understand it, or even count on our Inside box to get to know your body better and go in search of internal pleasure.

Nina Ristori


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