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Article: Ona: the revolution in solo and two-person sex

Ona sextoy sex toy stimulateur clitoridien vibrant blush vibro

Ona: the revolution in solo and two-person sex

You're tired of being "this way" from orgasm but never quite, while your partner achieves it EVERY TIME. Indeed, the orgasmic gap remains significant between men and women. What if we had found the ideal little design object to reset the counters to zero (or rather to the max)? We present to you Ona, the first sex toy from Blush, which will boost your pleasure in 100% well-being mode.

It's a big day for the team... Ona, the very first 100% Blush sex toy has finally made its debut into the world. And we can tell you that it was designed with the heart and that it is rich in all your feedback, to make it THE partner who will be there for all your intimate moments, whether they are solo, two or more.

Who is Ona?

Just her name, Ona, shows the color. It was named in reference to the word Onanism aka masturbation aka the art of doing oneself good, in Genesis. This is the entire signature of Blush, a sublime little 3-letter word, which breaks taboos: transgressive & aesthetic are present.

It is both a clitoral stimulator and a vibrating roller , so it has two functions, for twice as much pleasure:

  • A head that provides stimulation (pulsation / suction / suction): it places delicately on the clitoris (or breasts) before letting the pleasure invade you;
  • A body that vibrates deeply to make the slightest touched area shiver.

After carefully listening to your feedback, Ona offers you 6 speeds and 3 wave modes on vibration and pulsation.

For maximum intensity, the stimulation and vibration modes can be activated simultaneously, and that... is our icing on the cake. Yes because when you have a stimulation function with a vibrating contour, whether it is held by you or by your partner, it is the winning combo that all other sex toys were missing. Absolutely worth testing! 

Without forgetting its little extra: Ona is waterproof, silent, and has 3 hours of battery life.

Ona solo

Obviously, Ona is primarily used solo! Firstly, it is designed for, and secondly, we always prefer to encourage you to learn to use it alone before testing it as a couple.

Here are the Blush team's recommendations for unique sensations:

  • Put on some soft music that relaxes you, light a candle if it brings you well-being
  • Make yourself comfortable (all positions are possible: lying on your back, on your stomach, on your side, sitting, standing, on all fours, in your bath, in the shower, the only limit is your imagination !)
  • Make sure Ona is well charged
  • Set a clear intention on your breathing (through your stomach)
  • Put yourself in a state of excitement that pleases you, either through your imagination or with the help of literary, audio or video resources (ethical of course!)
  • Take your time, there's no rush and that's the best
  • All you have to do is explore your body and (re)discover your most intense sensations. 
  • First use the stimulation function at speed 1 (by touching your clitoris), and don't hesitate to move your pelvis rather than Ona to activate and engage your whole body
  • Then slowly increase the speeds, also activate the low frequency vibration function to discover which one you like best and the mode that suits you best!
  • The ideal if you have time is the edging technique: technique consisting of approaching orgasm then slowing down to maintain this state of intense pleasure for a certain time before 'accelerate and provide a stronger orgasm
  • Feel free to start again as many times as you like, there is no limit here either
  • And once you're done (orgasm or not, there's no need to have one, as long as the pleasure is there!), don't forget to cuddle, congratulate, encourage because There is nothing worse than letting our culture full of taboos leave us with a feeling of shame, especially after this experience of well-being and reconnection to ourselves beyond reality.
  • Don't forget to rinse it with water and mild soap before storing it in its small included pouch.

In short, enjoy Ona to the fullest, its strong vibrations and its powerful pulsations (no question of leaving you hungry), and try these modes alternately or simultaneously, as you wish.

And even if you bought it to use it together, this experience will not be in vain, since you will be better able to guide your partner when the time comes.

And what does it mean with two?

Once you have mastered the art of onanism, why not invite this new disciple under your duvet, as a couple? If you struggle to reach orgasm via vaginal penetration , you're not alone (read this must-read testimonial ). External clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex can help you catch up on the orgasmic wagon, so why deprive yourself of it ?  

And if you don't know how to approach the subject of vibrators in bed, we give you some little tips in a previous testimonial article .

Once it's settled (and agreed, of course) and you're going to take a sex toy on your escapades, it's not always easy to find the right candidate.

One of the great advantages of the Ona design is the size of its opening for the suction part. In addition to being suitable for all clitoris sizes, your partner will have less difficulty aiming in the heat of the moment. Understand: with a gesture that is sometimes a tad clumsier than your expert touch of someone who knows each other by heart, your partner will more easily aim for your sweet spot and it will be easy for them to hold the precious object in place in the heat of the moment. You can also gently switch Ona to vibration mode to be sure to take off (precision may be less necessary in suction/vibration combo mode).

For Team Blush recs, have the same intentions as solo by adding a HUGE dose of communication and enthusiastic consent. Don't forget that even embarrassment can be a vector of great complicity and rich intimacy!

Ona is also widely used on your partner's erogenous zones. In short, you will have understood, it's up to you, let your imagination sail into new lands and Ona will accompany you... beyond your expectations.

3 Questions to…

Lucie Solal, the founder of Blush Intimacy and creator of Ona

  1. How did you come up with the idea of ​​creating Ona?

    It was obvious to me! After a year of intense exchange with Blush customers, I had a clear and precise need for the Blush community. On the other hand, I had my training as an electrical engineer who could no longer bear wanting to create my own object in total compliance with these needs. I needed a small, compact and stylish sex toy that could be used alone or as a couple. I couldn't resist :)

  2. How long did it take you to create it (and what were the steps)?

    It took forever (well, from my point of view!). We had to understand everything about how such an object works, define ultra-precise specifications and choose the finest materials to do it. Then comes a very long iteration phase with different suppliers with multiple prototypes. I'm not talking to you about the testing phase which is clearly not the most unpleasant :) accompanied by the administrative certification procedures for France. And finally, the packaging is not the most important but it also takes time and a big dose of creativity.

  3. What makes Ona one of a kind?

    Ona has no equivalent on the market because it combines all the best while being at an ultra affordable price. It was extremely important to me that Ona was accessible to as many people as possible.
    What sets it apart is its design and its capabilities: it is very powerful, compact and can be easily used alone or in pairs. Its pulsation function is very broad for simple, hassle-free use. And its extensive, combined vibration function makes it very complete.

    I sincerely hope that you like it as much as the whole team and don't hesitate to come in our DMs on insta or in our emails ( to tell us what you think of our baby !

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