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Article: The Best Sex Positions for People with Endometriosis

Les meilleures positions sexuelles pour les personnes atteintes d'endométriose
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The Best Sex Positions for People with Endometriosis

If you landed on this article because you have endometriosis or simply because the subject arouses your curiosity, welcome!
Endometriosis is a little-known subject whose causes are not always understood. This can be disabling for people who suffer from it, particularly in their sex life, between pain and anxiety, this disease is not any respite.
Before getting to the heart of the matter, let me give you a quick reminder of what endometriosis is.

What is endometriosis?

Endometriosis is characterized by the development of tissue similar to the uterine lining outside the uterus. Tissues can develop inside the abdominal wall, but also outside the uterus, outside and sometimes inside the vaginal canal, at the level of the fallopian tubes and even at the level of the intestines or bladder. This can lead to severe pain in the pelvis and difficulty getting pregnant.
Just like the endometrium inside the uterus, this outer tissue breaks down and bleeds every month except that unlike the endometrium, this tissue caused by endometriosis has nowhere to go. This can therefore cause accumulations of blood inside the abdominal wall, triggering pain and sometimes major medical concerns. In some people, new blood vessels and nerves develop, causing constant pain.
According to recent estimates, endometriosis affects nearly 11% of people. It is still difficult to diagnose and remains relatively little known outside of those affected. As a result, many people do not receive their diagnosis until late in their 30s or 40s after years of pain.
Endometriosis can lead to disruption of daily life but also of sexual life.

Is it possible to have pain-free sex with endometriosis?

Endometriosis can cause a host of symptoms, from abdominal tenderness and bloating to bladder problems and pelvic pain (the area between the lower abdomen and upper genitals).
It's common for people with endometriosis to experience pain during sex. The human mind instinctively moves away from anything that causes physical harm to our body. So if sex is associated with something painful your brain will say: “But why do such a thing to yourself?!”. And he won't be wrong.
Pelvic health specialist Dr Ashley Rawlins explains that it is common for people with endometriosis to have tension and restriction in the muscles of the pelvic area including the abs, glutes and thighs. When these muscles try to relax and then tighten during sex, they hurt. For comparison, it's like trying to run with a baseball bat in your leg.
Besides the physical aspects of pain, there is also a psychological aspect, people suffering from endometriosis are afraid of making love. When you think about it, it's quite logical since their minds associate the act of making love as painful, so why want to experience an unpleasant moment unless you enjoy being in pain.
In addition, because of the apprehension of pain, the body will probably contract which will tighten the muscles even more which will make the penetrative act more painful.
All of these aspects are restrictive enough to make anyone want to give up penetrative sex forever. Once again, it is important to remember that penetration is not an obligation during sexual intercourse. If you do not want to practice penetrative sex, other positions exist to enjoy yourself .
Although each person's pain and experience is unique, there are tips that can help reduce pain during sex.
Here's Dr. Rawlins' advice on the best penetrative sex positions when you have endometriosis.

What are the recommended positions?

1. The spoon

Since many people with endometriosis experience some sensitivity in the abdominal area, Dr. Rawlins believes that positions that minimize contact across the front of the body are ideal. That's why the first position she recommends is spooning, with the penetrating partner behind the person with endometriosis. This position helps avoid jostling the sensitive spot.

2. Leaning on the sofa

To change from the bedroom, go to the living room! The person with endometriosis may lean over the back of the sofa, while the penetrating partner penetrates them from behind. According to Dr. Rawlins, this method is ideal for people who suffer from deeper pain caused by restricted pelvic muscles because it can support almost the entire body. This means you don't have to support your body weight, allowing your muscles to relax. It's also a great way to enjoy "doggy style" without having to work all those muscles on your hands and knees.
A word of caution for this position is that the position from behind can also be one of the worst for some people who experience pain deeper inside the body during penetration. If this is you, we recommend that the receptive partner stands a little straighter so that the penetrating partner does not enter at a 90 degree angle. Of course, it is quite technical but it is above all for your comfort and well-being.

3. Supported by pillows

Whatever your preferred position, on top, backwards, behind, upside down, provide support pillows. Pillows allow you to relax and relieve tension from your already overworked pelvic muscles.
"If your muscles are restricted, you can support your hips with pillows in any position," says Dr. Rawlins. "On the side, you can place pillows under your knees. In missionary position, place pillows under your hips on both sides, so your knees don't spread apart. For doggy style, pillows under your upper body" .

4. Put yourself on top

For people with vulvar or inner thigh pain or deep pelvic pain, lying on top is suggested. This position allows you to control the depth of penetration. If you suffer from dyspareunia , you can also support the buttocks with pillows or even get creative with a sex sling, so you don't have to exert effort to keep your body upright.

Sexuality is not always something simple. However, with endometriosis, sexual complications take on a whole new level, but that doesn't mean your sex life is over now that you've received this diagnosis, far from it!❤️‍🔥


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