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Article: Complexities linked to the use of sex toys

Les complexes liés à l'utilisation de sextoys

Complexities linked to the use of sex toys

The evolution of moral mentalities has opened the way to a freer and more assertive sexuality. However, there are still some taboo subjects that can still give rise to some complexes, such as owning a sex toy. But where do these complexes associated with using a sex toy for personal pleasure come from?

Social pressures and personal stigma

Not surprisingly, the first reasons stem from social pressures and potential judgment from society. Fear of what others will look at and prejudices around sexuality can contribute to the creation of a climate where the use of sex toys is sometimes frowned upon. This ambient judgment can create complexes in people who are considering purchasing a sex toy, pushing them to question their own legitimacy. In addition to the gaze of others, personal stigma is another reason fueling the complexes linked to the possession of sex toys. Some people have internalized norms and values ​​that can lead them to feel ashamed about satisfying their sexual pleasure with toys. This process of self-stigma can create psychological barriers, thereby hindering full self-acceptance and free expression of sexuality.
Today many people have a blockage regarding their sexuality for fear of “slut shaming”. “Slut shaming” is the act of stigmatizing and making people judged to be too provocative or too “open” on sexual subjects.

Myths and misinformation

Complexes are generally fueled by myths and misinformation about the use of sex toys. It is the preconceived ideas that create an unwarranted feeling of shame. The most common misconceptions are that the use of a sex toy is reserved only for people who cannot find sexual partners, or that it is only people with loose morals who use this type of toy. It is more than essential to debunk these false beliefs, to promote a precise understanding of sex toys as tools for exploring and improving one's sexual life rather than substitutes for an intimate relationship.

Educate to better demystify

The key to overcoming the complexes linked to the possession of sex toys lies in education and awareness. By providing accurate information about sexuality, the use of sex toys and emphasizing their legitimacy, it is possible to deconstruct all of these misconceptions and normalize the fact that sex toys are healthy extensions of sexual expression and exploration. . More inclusive and in-depth sex education would play a crucial role in transforming mentalities.

The freedom to explore our sexuality

It is essential to recognize that owning a sex toy does not necessarily imply a lack of satisfaction in a relationship or the absence of a sexual partner. On the contrary, sex toys can be tools that promote exploration, personal pleasure and increased intimacy with a partner. Releasing the complexes associated with these objects allows individuals to fully embrace their sexuality and explore new dimensions of pleasure without guilt or shame.
Movements such as sex positivism encourage sexual freedom, recognizing that each individual has unique needs and desires. This cultural shift helps ease the stigma around sex toys, creating a space where people feel more comfortable exploring their sexuality without fear of judgment.

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The complexes related to sex toy ownership are a reflection of the social norms and preconceived ideas that persist in our society. To move towards fulfilling and uninhibited sexuality, it is imperative to challenge these prejudices, educate transparently and encourage freedom of sexual exploration. Owning a sex toy should not be a source of shame, but rather a legitimate way to express one's sexuality in a fulfilling and authentic way. By breaking these complexes, we help to create an environment where everyone can experience their sexuality without hindrance, thus promoting a society that is more open, understanding and respectful of the diversity of human desires.


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