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Article: Alternatives to traditional pornography

Les alternative à la pornographie traditionnelle
le saviez-vous ?

Alternatives to traditional pornography

Pornography is not to everyone's taste. You may have already tried to watch one and didn't like it.
You don't know what to type in the search bar. You've never considered watching one...Anyway, if you don't like the millions of erotic videos available on dedicated sites, it's probably because pornographic videos aren't made for you and that's it. 'is OK !
Some people don't like the brutal nature of most films or the themes offered. Others simply feel uncomfortable watching it or are morally opposed to it.
There's a whole other fabulous world of steamy content just waiting to be discovered! Pornographic content can help you better understand what you like and what you don't like. And it can also help you improve your lovemaking in the bedroom 😉.

Here are some alternatives that we can recommend to you

Erotic reading

Many people prefer reading to watching porn, largely because it allows them to project their own imagination into the storyline; it is a completely customizable activity.

Online stories

The Literotica site is a great internet classic. And, let’s face it, their site design reflects this fact! Although it can be difficult to navigate, the site contains thousands and thousands of user-submitted erotic stories. All stories are categorized and star-rated, letting you know what's worth reading.

Romance novels

It's not for nothing that they are called "body-rippers"! Romance novels have tantalized readers for generations. Whether you like redheaded Scots or fantasy fairies, there's probably something for you. Check out Booktok for great recommendations.

Erotic comics

You can't settle for purely erotic text? Erotic webcomics and graphic novels combine vivid images and narratives.
Among the most popular we can cite the series Le Déclic by Miro Manara comprising 4 volumes, which tells the story of a somewhat prudish woman who has a chip implanted in her brain, connected to a transmitter capable of releasing all her intensity sexual.

Erotic audios

Erotic audios, also known as audio porn, are steamy stories told in sultry voices. You have the choice of short stories, serial stories and even full novels to tickle your ears. Some are genre specific, like BDSM, role-playing games, or sci-fi/fantasy. There are free ones but also paid ones.

VOXXX/ COXXX : are hot and immersive audios bringing together several genres such as BDSM, immersive stories, couples making love... VOXXX is an audio porn dedicated to the clit while COXXX is dedicated to the phallus. You can listen to some episodes for free on podcast platforms.

Femtasy : it is an erotic audio platform for women, with sensual stories, sounds of couples making love. There are more than 150 audios that will meet your desires and fantasies. You have 14 days of free trials.

Some little tips for listening to erotic audios

Use headphones to maintain your privacy and enhance the binaural audio experience.
Start with a short story to see if it resonates with you before launching into a longer story.
There are stories for everyone, so keep experimenting until you find a voice or genre that resonates with you.
Let yourself be carried away by the story! Close your eyes, relax and let the sexy sounds stimulate your senses.

Ethical porn: What is it and where to find it?

The problem may not be the genre of porn video, but rather the specifics of what's available on most mainstream sites. But these sites, although the best known and most accessible, are not the only options available.
For example, you can support independent adult performers through payment platforms like OnlyFans . Artists set their own prices and keep a percentage of sales. Most of them offer clips and personalized content catering to a wide variety of interests.

Whether it's immersing yourself in a saucy novel, listening to a titillating podcast, or creating your own erotic work, there's no shortage of options for people looking to stimulate their senses beyond the visual. .
Now go ahead, treat yourself however you want, and remember, your imagination is the only limit 🔥.


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