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Article: What is the clitoral stimulator? How to use it ?

Le stimulateur clitoridien, qu'est-ce que c'est ? Comment l'utiliser ?
le saviez-vous ?

What is the clitoral stimulator? How to use it ?

In recent years, “sextech” has made enormous progress on female pleasure, which goes to the heart of sexuality issues. We are even seeing a sharp increase in the creation of sex toys dedicated to the clitoris. Little by little, sexual taboos are disappearing and we are discovering other ways of having pleasure, each more innovative than the last. Our body is waiting for only one thing, to be able to unlock all the pleasures that are still hidden there. Clitoral stimulation toys are a great example of these innovations.

What is a clitoral stimulator?

A clitoral stimulator is a female sex toy allowing you to give pleasure by stimulating the clitoris (or possibly the nipples).
Small culture point G, the clitoris is the only female organ responsible for sexual pleasure and is equipped with nearly 10,000 nerve endings. It has an external and internal part.

captioned illustration of the clitoris
When we use a typical sex toy, a clitoral stimulator, we stimulate the external part of the latter (the glans and its hood). Thanks to pulsed air technology and its suction effect, the clitoral stimulator simulates suction.

What is a clitoral stimulator used for?

The answer wouldn't be very eloquent if we simply told you that it's for fun...Don't worry, we'll back it up. The clitoral stimulator is the ideal companion for learning to (re)discover your body and the pleasures hidden there, solo or as a duo.
If you're not yet familiar with the world of sex toys, the clitoral stimulator is one of the most impressive hits among women in recent years.
In the industry, it is said that the Womanizer revolutionized the world of sex toys and female pleasure (a revolution which allowed us to take a different look at sex toys, which is no small thing).
So at Blush, we wanted to go even further in the revolution and we created Ona a vibrating clitoral stimulator (yes, we didn't want to do things by halves), because clitoral stimulation coupled with vibration is the holy grail!

How do you use a clitoral stimulator?

Don't panic, it's simple and intuitive to use.
First of all, find the atmosphere that puts you in the best conditions, this could be with subdued lighting, certain music, scented candles...or none of that and you just need a quiet room .
Once well installed, you can start with simple caresses, explore your clitoris before placing the stimulator on it. This is when the magic happens!
The clitoral stimulator is equipped with a hollow mouth which is placed around the clitoris (or the nipples for other sensations) without direct contact with the vibrating membrane at the bottom of the mouth, but well positioned so as not to let air circulate , we are looking for a suction effect. It works by emitting air pressure waves which massage the clitoris. It's like receiving oral sex from an alien with a lithium ion battery. Unreal sensations!
All you have to do is adjust the speeds, softer or more intense depending on your desire.

What should you pay attention to before buying a clitoral stimulator?

Buying a clitoral stimulator is good, paying attention to its composition and design is better!
Before buying one, consider looking at several things:

  • The size of the opening: it’s about finding the one that best suits your anatomy. Small self-confidence point, no body is standard and every body is unique and that's what makes it beautiful so don't panic if you see that a larger or smaller opening suits you best.
  • Power: again this is a personal preference, there are some who prefer when it is gentle, others when it is more intense. It takes everything to make a world and for example, Ona has 6 speeds + 3 wave modes so that everyone can find what they're looking for. When designing it we wanted to have levels that were both very low/very gentle and at the same time very powerful to suit as many people as possible.

  • Vibration or no vibration? : there are days when we want it and others not. To avoid spending hours comparing all the sex toys with each other, between those which have the vibration function and others which do not have it but which have better suction, at Blush, we wanted to be able to allow you to have the best of both functions in the same sex toy: Ona .

  • The quality of the silicone: this is surely the most important point! Don't forget that your clitoral stimulator will be in contact with your mucous membranes, its composition must absolutely be perfect. Choose medical silicone sex toys, at least you can be sure that it will have been tested and will be safe for your skin.

  • Grip: Just ask yourself if you are more comfortable with a fairly compact toy that fits in the palm of your hand or if you prefer them more.

  • Waterproof? It’s a nice little extra xxx

How do you clean a clitoral stimulator?

Once ecstasy is achieved, it is time to clean your sex toy, to preserve your vaginal flora and your intimate health during its next use. Nothing could be simpler, just run it under lukewarm water and clean it with a mild soap (like Marseille soap or neutral PH soap). We can't repeat it enough but your sex toy must be impeccably clean, we don't want you to catch a urinary infection or other inconveniences when the goal is simply to feel good!
Once the cleaning step is done, here is the drying step, wipe your sex toy in a clean cloth (more environmentally friendly than an ordinary paper towel) by dabbing it. Now you can store your clitoral stimulator in its original pouch or a clean cloth pouch and put it in a dry place at room temperature where it will wait for you until its next use.
Always keep it with a little battery, deep discharges are never good.

Little Blush recommendation

For your health, these objects should not be used in moderation ! ❤️‍🔥

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