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Article: The purchasing and practical guide to the clitoral stimulator

Le guide d'achat et pratique du stimulateur clitoridien
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The purchasing and practical guide to the clitoral stimulator

The clitoral stimulator is one of the must-haves in terms of female sex toys. It is capable of giving intense pleasure thanks to advanced technology.

What is a clitoral stimulator?

It is a female sex toy allowing you to give pleasure by direct or indirect stimulation of the clitoris . Its pulsed air technology perfectly imitates the suction effect, suction call it what you want. It's like you're receiving one of the best cunnilingus of your life!
Of course when we think of clitoral stimulator we think of Womanzier which was one of the pioneering brands in the development of clitoral stimulation sex toys.
A clitoral stimulator works with pressure waves. These waves use air pressure to create stimulating sound pulses . By bringing these waves closer to the clitoris, they vibrate all the clitoral cells but also the nerve endings located in this area.
Indirect solicitation of the clit can be done by a clitoral stimulator having a functionality causing excitement and pleasure without contact . To do this, simply hold the head of the stimulator near your clitoris or even on your lips (there are also many nerve endings in this area).

What are the sensations felt?

One of the most essential features of a clitoral stimulator is the sucking mode . Suction is a mode very appreciated by users because this mode provides a huge effect on the intimate area. It is often said that the pleasure caused by sucking is referred to as being “insane” (yes, just that) and the orgasm that can result from it is just as much. If it also has a vibration function, this increases the sensations tenfold because it allows the awakening of other erogenous zones of the body. Double stimulation can achieve orgasms with twice the intensity.

What are the different types of clitoral stimulators that exist?

To meet everyone's needs and desires, there are several types of clitoral stimulators. This can range from simple with only the suction function but also to one which includes a vibration function or even a vibration function with penetration . It depends solely on you, your preferences and above all what you are looking for in purchasing your clitoral stimulator. There is something for all tastes and moods.
Before making any purchase of a clitoral stimulator or even any sex toy, it is important that you pay attention to several things so that you choose the one that suits you best.

What criteria should you look at before buying a clitoral stimulator?

  • Its use: see if it is used solo, in a duo or both. Some people prefer to use a clitoral stimulator for a solo pleasure session so the possibility of using it together does not bring them any added value. On the other hand, for others the ability to be able to use it together is important because they want to let their partner hold it and share this moment together.

  •  Its functionalities: ask yourself if you want it to only have “suction mode” or whether it also has “vibration mode”, whether it is penetrative or not.
  • The materials used: you must pay great attention to the quality of the material of your clitoral stimulator or any other sex toy. Always choose a sex toy made from medical silicone . This is a specific type of silicone that is safe for your body. If you are in doubt, there are two things that will help you determine if the material used is dangerous for your body:
    1. The porosity of the material: if the material is porous you can be sure it will be a nest for fungi, bacteria and all other germs of all kinds. Happiness.
    2. The chemicals that were used to process the material to make the sex toy. If you see that a sex toy contains phthalates or glycerin (components that cause infections) avoid them like the plague!

That's not all, also avoid all sex toys containing latex , rubber or PVC plastic . These materials are quite porous which risks increasing infections no matter what you use to clean your sex toy.
It was therefore essential for us to offer you a sex toy that meets these criteria of vigilance, which is why our Ona clitoral stimulator is made from 100% medical silicone.

  • The design: it all depends on your preferences in terms of design and handling. If you are in doubt about its functionality leave room for the possibility that it could be penetrative. A change of mood or desire happens so quickly ❤️‍🔥.
  • Waterproof: this is a significant feature. Ona is also waterproof you can enjoy it in the shower or in a bath as you wish 😌.
  • Size: It's between you and your preferences. Do you prefer a more compact sex toy that fits in the palm of a hand or do you prefer a more substantial sex toy?
  • The size of the opening: several sizes of openings exist, larger or smaller, find the one that best suits your anatomy.
  • Speeds: Although it's not the most important thing, look at the number of speeds and modes a sex toy has. However, this is personal preference but there are some who prefer when it is softer and others when it is more intense and sustained. In any case, no matter how many speeds your clitoral stimulator has, you will eventually find your cruising speed.
    It is more important to look at the size and autonomy of the battery , it would be too bad if it failed in the middle of action. To give you an idea, Ona has a battery life of 3 hours (not bad, eh 😌).

How to use a clitoral stimulator?

Put yourself in the best conditions, make sure to create the best possible atmosphere. Put on some music, light some candles, listen to an erotic audio…or do none of that and all you need is a quiet, intimate room. Once you have built your haven of peace, make yourself comfortable, you can start with simple caresses and explore your clitoris before positioning the stimulator on it.
Since the stimulator is equipped with a hollow mouth which is placed around the clitoris without direct contact with the vibrating membrane at the bottom of the mouth, we are looking for a suction cup effect. It works by emitting air pressure waves which massage the clitoris.

What positions are most suitable for using a clitoral stimulator?

Several positions are suitable for using your clitoral stimulator. We give you a few, just to get you into the swing of things, but nothing stops you from inventing your own, only your imagination is your limit.

  • The most classic, in your bed lying on your stomach or back or even on all fours to vary the pleasures.
  • Sitting on a chair or sofa with one leg (or both) placed on the table in front
  • In your bath by resting one foot on the edge of the bathtub.
  • You can use it standing up by placing one foot on an edge (of the sink, bathtub or whatever you want) as if you were going to put cream on your legs.
  • Kneel on your bed, leaning against the headboard or wall so as not to lose your balance.

In any case, if there is one piece of advice that we can give you (no matter what position you decide to adopt) it is to use a little balm or gel for your vulva. This will only increase your comfort during your fun time.
Le petit Baume de Baûbo is natural and organic care for the vulva. It prevents and soothes irritation of the vulva and moisturizes. In addition, its ingredients are natural and come from Organic Farming.

Is there a risk of anesthetizing the clitoris if you use a clitoral stimulator?

Don't worry, the answer is definitely no. Daily and intensive use could perhaps produce numbness of the clit leading to a slight loss of sensation but don't panic, take a little break and here we go again! ❤️‍🔥


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