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Article: Double stimulation: discover the secrets of mixed orgasm!

La double stimulation : découvrez les secrets de l’orgasme mixte !
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Double stimulation: discover the secrets of mixed orgasm!

Reaching orgasm with twice the intensity is the promise of double stimulation. To achieve this pleasure, called mixed orgasm, certain sex toys are particularly suitable. We tell you more.

Double stimulation: what does it mean?

We speak of a mixed orgasm (or 'blended orgasm' in English) when it occurs via double stimulation of two erogenous zones simultaneously or slightly alternately. This is for example the case when during intercourse or when you masturbate, there is vaginal penetration and stimulation of the external part of the clitoris. But we can also talk about mixed orgasm with anal penetration or stimulation of the chest, or any other erogenous zone, it depends on the preferences and sensations of each person.

Be careful again not to focus on obtaining an orgasm, which is not an end in itself nor a sign of 'normality' (it's a word that doesn't really have its place in terms of sexuality). But whatever the purpose, the double stimulation will bring you a lot of pleasure and that's all that matters!

Vaginal or clitoral orgasm: the end of a myth?

Moreover, since we are talking about orgasm, it is the opportunity to once again dismantle a myth that has a hard life (thank you Freud), that of the difference between vaginal orgasm and clitoral orgasm, with the idea under underlying, that the first is more legitimate, more 'adult' than the second. First of all, who do you think you are, Sigmund? Then, it has since been proven that all orgasms are in reality clitoral, we simply differentiate between internal and external stimulation of our precious clitoris.

“The clitoris, with its 8,000 nerve endings, is the only organ in human anatomy entirely dedicated to sexual pleasure. It measures on average 10 to 11 centimeters and has an external/visible part and an internal/invisible part. The external part is located between the labia majora, at the top of the labia minora and above the urinary opening. The internal/invisible part is divided into two parts extending on either side of the entrance to the vagina,” we can read in the quiz developed by the Federation of Family Planning Centers of the FPS (socialist provident women) on female pleasure.

If there are many erogenous zones, there is only one for enjoyment: this zone is the clitoris. All orgasms are extensions of the sensation from this area ”, writes Anne Koedt, in “The myth of the vaginal orgasm”, Nouvelles Questions Féministe s. This is said once and for all.

That being said, the double stimulation (the most common) in women is the simultaneous stimulation of the internal and external part of the clitoris .

The advantages of mixed orgasm or double stimulation

Before experimenting with double stimulation with a partner, it is always interesting to go solo. This is in particular the best way to know your body, your erogenous zones, without pressure, and then, better guide your partner .

  • It's a masturbation technique that guarantees a wave of pleasure of rare intensity that runs through your entire body: just that!
  • If you are one of the people who are not very sensitive to penetration, combining external stimulation of the clitoris with internal stimulation can make it possible to create associations of pleasure to get more pleasure from internal stimulation only. Sarah's testimony can also help you find the right method.
  • And a little bonus, it can be practiced with your hands or with sex toys specially designed for double stimulation.

Which sex toys for successful double stimulation?

The sex toy industry is always one step ahead in serving you intense pleasure on a platter. That's good, at Blush we have several products that should take you to 7th heaven via double stimulation.

If you like going back and forth but don't want the external stimulation to come off your clitoris, we advise you to combine! Either you have a person with a penis on hand for the internal part (it's practical, it's inexpensive and it moves on its own ;)) with a toy for the external part, or you combine 2 compact vibrators which allow you to have both intense penetration with the exact movements you want and stimulation of the external clitoris with a pulsator or a vibrating roller according to your desires (be careful, here you use both hands):

If you are not necessarily interested in internal stimulation, but want to alternate between vibration and pulsation with a single product, we have the one for you!

  • The Bird : this clitoral stimulator, made of medical silicone, offers both pulsations and vibrations for your greatest pleasure. To try it is to adopt it, plus it is the perfect size and fits in the palm of your hand. Design and discreet, it slips into a small incognito pouch to accompany you everywhere. Its little extra? Its nest, a dome that glows slightly and immerses your intimate moment in subdued light, like a bedside lamp. Sensual and intimate atmosphere guaranteed!

Nina Ristori


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