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Article: The complete map of sex toys

La cartographie complète des sextoys

The complete map of sex toys

It's difficult to find your way among all the sex toys offered on the market. You are wondering how to choose your sex toy among all the models already available. What functions? What models? It is for all these reasons that we have created for you a complete map of sex toys to help you better navigate. First of all, to see things a little more clearly, we have classified sex toys into two large families: the Techno family and the Erogenous Zone family , you will quickly understand.
The Techno family includes sex toys that are without a motor or sex toys with a motor that provides vibration or suction or both.
The second family, the Erogenous Zone family, that is to say for which erogenous zone this sex toy is made, anal, vaginal or clitoral.

How to use a sex toy?

The use of a sex toy varies depending on the specificity of the latter. It's true, an anal sex toy is not used in the same way as a clitoral stimulator.
The most general advice we can give you is that, first of all, read the instructions for use provided with your intimate toy, this could save you from any mishaps and frustration.
Also check that it is compatible with your lubricant; depending on the material the sex toy is made from or the composition of the lubricant you use, there is a risk of incompatibility between the two.

Which sex toy to choose?

The choice of a sex toy is purely personal, it depends on you and your sexual preferences. Among all the existing models and all the functions, it is certain that you will find what you are looking for. First, check the materials the sex toys are made from. Choose a sex toy made from medical silicone, or glass or stainless steel. Above all, avoid porous materials which can retain bacteria.

Let's start with the most sought-after sex toys:

Sex toys dedicated to the clitoris

Contactless stimulators

The clitoral stimulator is a sex toy allowing you to give pleasure by indirect stimulation of the clitoris. Its pulsed air technology perfectly imitates the suction effect, suction call it what you want.
Womanizer was one of the pioneering brands in the development of clitoral stimulation sex toys. To explain, a clitoral stimulator works with pressure waves. These waves use air pressure to create stimulating sound pulses. By bringing these waves closer to the clitoris, they vibrate all the clitoral cells but also the nerve endings located in this area.
Indirect solicitation of the clit can be done by a clitoral stimulator having a functionality causing excitement and pleasure without contact. To do this, simply hold the head of the stimulator near your clitoris or even on your lips.

Vibrating rollers

The vibrating pebble is version 2.0 of the vibrating ducks, with a design that is completely the opposite of realistic sex toys. The refined appearance of the vibrating pebbles is able to put you at ease and relieve your guilt when it comes to intimate pleasure.
A sex toy suitable for many types of stimulation, the vibrating roller is considered the most complete sex toy in its category.
Vibrating pebbles are ideal as a first sex toy because they have a rather reassuring shape with a super easy grip, a bit like picking up a stone in fact. Rounded or oval in shape, their design leaves no room for thought about the phallic-shaped sex toy which can be impressive when you have never tested a sex toy.
In addition to being super soft, the vibrating roller is suitable for both people with vulvas and people with a penis. It slips everywhere...

On the clitoris

The vibrating roller is also called a clitoral roller even if that doesn't really do it justice. The vibrations emitted at this level are designed to provide pleasure. You can place it on the clitoris and have fun with the change of speed, but you can also have fun using small circular pressures. Gentle and pleasant stimulation guaranteed.

On the penis

This area with very thin skin where stimulation is required, you can hold the roller against it and apply small circular pressures like on the clitoris. Combining this with oral games will have its effect.
Pep, the vibrating pebble from Unbound

We have

How can we talk to you about clitoral stimulators and vibrating rollers without talking to you about Ona? Ona is a vibrating clitoral stimulator, to put it simply, it combines the advantages of the clitoral stimulator with the advantages of the vibrating roller, it's like the ideal combo! Two functions for twice the fun:
A head which provides stimulation (pulsation/suction/suction) which rests delicately on the clitoris (or chest) to let pleasure invade you.
A vibrating body to make you shiver at the slightest touched area.
Ona has 6 speeds and 3 wave modes on the pulsation and vibration function. Stimulation and vibration modes can be activated simultaneously for maximum intensity. They can also be used alternatively depending on your mood.
Its little extra? Ona is waterproof and has a battery life of three hours.
Ona can be used both solo and in a duo even if we first recommend solo use (in order to tame the beast) before using it with a partner.
The design of Ona has been designed so that your partner can have a good grip, the size of the opening for the suction part is already large enough to suit all sizes of clitoris but also to make it easier for your partner to aim for your clit in the heat of the moment.
Ona can also be used on your partner's erogenous zones. In short, let your imagination run wild and Ona will accompany you!
Ona, the first vibrating clitoral stimulator from Blush

Humping toys

What is humping? You may have already practiced it without giving it a name, humping is a particular masturbation technique, which consists of rubbing one's genitals against almost anything and everything, an armrest, a cushion, a person…The idea here is not to use your hands. Humping is very popular in the United States.
Humping has long been seen as a practice for adolescents discovering their sexuality (double orgasm without penetration...which can have some advantages we agree) but many adults indulge in humping.
Sex toys are also provided for this purpose, choose non-vibrating, soft pebbles. The soft Whim Pelle pebbles have a texture so soft that they will remind you of marshmallows and they are perfectly adapted to your anatomy for even more sensations.

Sex toys dedicated to penetration

Focus on the G-spot

The G spot is an area located inside the vagina, on the stomach side, 4-5 centimeters from the entrance. During arousal, this area of ​​the mucous membrane literally swells with pleasure. This is the key to intense orgasmic pleasure.
You can first explore with your fingers and then use a sex toy dedicated to this area.
Sex toys designed for the G-spot are all curved to easily reach this erogenous zone and stimulate it with vibrating pressure. They also have a round head adapted to the G-spot.
Unlike the so-called “classic” vibrator, sex toys designed for the G-spot perfectly fit the female anatomy and meet its needs.
Arc, Lady 's G-spot vibrator

The rabbit

The rabbit stimulates several erogenous zones at the same time. The famous ears are designed to titillate the clitoris while the main part ventures into the internal part. The rabbit stands out as an attractive and versatile option. The double stimulation (internal and external) promises an incredible orgasm because it targets the G-spot and the clitoris.

The dildo

More commonly called a dildo, the dildo is a classic when it comes to sex toys. It does not vibrate and is generally used for penetration by hand or on a harness or strap-on dildo. The dildo is made of silicone, there is a wide variety more or less flexible, colored or discreet.

The plug

Conical in shape, the plug is intended to be inserted into the anus. It comes in different sizes and colors, there is something for everyone.
The plug stimulates sensations. In people with penises, using a plug will stimulate their P-spot, otherwise achieving prostate pleasure. Simple stimulation of the P-spot can lead to orgasm/ejaculation.
In people with vulvas, the use of a plug will allow stimulation of their A point, that is to say the internal part of the clitoris as well as all the nerve endings located in the anus.
Little tip: if you choose a glass anal plug, you can play with the temperatures to increase the sensations tenfold. Before using it, run it under cold or hot water, it all depends on your desire or that of your partner. And have fun tickling the entrance to the anus to increase the tension.

How to properly clean your sex toy?

It is necessary to clean your sex toy after each use. Bacteria could proliferate in the secretions left on the surface. Rinse it with lukewarm water and use mild soap (such as Savon de Marseille), then dry it in a clean cloth or paper towel then store it in its case or pouch until the next use.

Whether you use a sex toy or not, using a lubricant is more than recommended, in order to better ride the wave of pleasure. The lubricant reduces the discomfort and friction sensations that can be felt during vaginal or anal penetration.
Our Lube lubricant is your perfect ally to fight against all these inconveniences. Formulated with water and hyaluronic acid, Lube respects the physiological pH of the intimate flower and maintains the balance of the vaginal flora.

Hoping that this map has helped you see things a little more clearly! Whether you are a sex toy lover or you don't have one, the only watchword is: “Love it!”. ❤️‍🔥


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