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Article: Vibrating rollers: the advantages of mini vibrators

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Vibrating rollers: the advantages of mini vibrators

Pleasure is not a question of size. For solo or duo masturbation, vibrating rollers and other mini vibrators have many advantages. We tell you everything.

Vibrating roller: what is it?

A small, discreet and stylish object of pleasure, the vibrating pebble will quickly become an essential in your magic drawer. Ideal for beginners , aficionados of external stimulation, travelers but also regulars , it is a vibrating toy that adapts to your erogenous zones and slips between the bodies to better make you climb the curtains.

As a reminder, in the big family of sex toys, there are mainly 4 clans (which does not prevent mix and match):

  • Dildos/dildos that are non-vibrating, without motor or battery, they can be made of glass, silicone, metal, wood, etc. They are generally for internal stimulation ( but not only !) and are quite inclusive (vagina, anus)
  • External vibrators, including vibrating rollers, generally made of silicone and preferably medical grade (like all Blush references)
  • Clitoral stimulators or pulsators or clit aspi, which are also external silicone sex toys but the movement of the motor is very different from vibration
  • Internal vibrators, such as G points (curved for more sensations), heating ones or those which make high amplitude movements.

The most famous mix and match are for example the famous “rabbits” which are both internal and external.

So, unlike clitoral stimulators which offer a pulsation function essentially reserved for the external part of the clitoris, the vibrating roller speaks the language of vibration and it can be practiced on the whole body! And yes, vibration is the most universal language among sex toys! Whether you are a man, a woman or non-binary, alone, in pairs or more, it travels everywhere and leaves no one behind on the road to pleasure.

A little extra, generally the vibrating rollers have a silent vibration, which allows a certain discretion and prevents the distraction of noise to concentrate 100% on the moment that we are offering to ourselves or to others.

It is part of the range of mini vibrators, those that you can easily take with you everywhere, compact and which are increasingly popular.

Why do we use it?

Already, why not? But if you really need to be convinced, we have a whole bunch of reasons for you!

  • Discover your body and its erogenous zones

Masturbation has many benefits . Among them, we find learning to enjoy pleasure, taming one's body, even reconnecting with it. Know your sensitive points, the cadences, movements, powers that suit you and lead you to orgasm. And knowing yourself better alone means having more fun together.

  • Pleasure

We could have placed it first, it’s so obvious. Masturbation is pleasure above all. And enjoying the moment even more by inviting a vibrating toy under the sheets (or in the shower), it's always a good idea. This makes it possible to vary the powers without risking cramps and to stimulate numerous areas.

  • It can be used alone or in pairs

Like almost all toys, vibrating rollers and other mini vibrators are compatible with both fulfilled sexuality alone and with your partner .

As a duo, they can be used in play, foreplay, or to intensify the sensations during vaginal penetration . This can be particularly interesting for those who have difficulty finding pleasure through internal stimulation and even leading to the famous mixed orgasm .

  • Small and discreet, it can be taken anywhere

Another advantage is its compact side. Easy to slip into your travel bag with a discreet design (which avoids any embarrassment if the in-laws accidentally stumble upon it), it's perfect to take with you when traveling so you don't leave the fun behind. On vacation, we finally have time, so we might as well take advantage of it to do ourselves some good.

  • Easy to maintain

The vibrating rollers and mini vibrators, particularly in medical and waterproof silicone, are easy to clean, and we know how essential the hygiene of a sex toy is! (For more details on cleaning, it's below what happens, let's not skip the steps).

How do we use it?

Before starting, check that your toy is clean and charged (it would be stupid to fall apart at the fateful moment). Then, we always strongly recommend that you use lubricant when you use them in order to facilitate gliding on the skin, avoid painful friction (that is not the goal) and increase your sensations tenfold.

Once these foundations are laid, the only rule to follow is yours. You choose the atmosphere in which you want to enjoy this special moment with yourself. Then, all you have to do is turn on your roller or mini vibrator and off you go. The vibrations stimulate the nerve endings in the external part of the clitoris to the point of ecstasy . But you can use it on all your pleasure zones: the lips, the chest, the buttocks... it's up to you to find what gives you the best sensations or to vary the pleasures by moving the object over your body.

How do we clean it?

At the risk of repeating myself: have impeccable hygiene for your sex toys. Fortunately, it’s quite simple! Use mild or even intimate soap directly and clean carefully with lukewarm water. Rinse well and dry with a clean cloth. And voila.

The selection of the Blush team

  • Mini, Iroha by Tenga - Mini vibrator : it fits in the palm of your hand and has a battery life of 5 hours for an unbeatable price. Place it wherever you want on your body, and it will make you vibrate.

  • Pep, Unbound - Vibrating pebble : small in size but with robust vibrations, it is the ideal compact vibrator for beginners (but others will also find pleasure in it).

Nina Ristori

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