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Article: Encyclopedia of Female Masturbation: How do women masturbate? Positions, zones, accessories, you will know everything!

Masturbation féminine encyclopédie

Encyclopedia of Female Masturbation: How do women masturbate? Positions, zones, accessories, you will know everything!

Masturbation is a source of intense pleasure, which, far from being shameful, should be part of your routine to take care of yourself and celebrate your body. And there are endless ways to masturbate. What's yours ?

Breaking news: women* masturbate. If onanism has long been a taboo (and female masturbation in particular), speech is gradually becoming more open and women are more and more comfortable with talking about masturbation (for those who are not. (no, it's totally ok to keep a secret garden). According to an Ifop study conducted in 2017, 74% of women have already masturbated at least once and 52% do it regularly. A great development since in 1970, only 19% of women said they had already tried, even if our secret fantasy is to see this figure reach 100% as quickly as possible. We also insist on reminding you of all the benefits of masturbation on the body and mind , well-being is at the heart of our approach.

Female masturbation: let’s get in the mood?

What atmosphere do you need to masturbate? There's nothing more personal than spending (very) good time with yourself, so when it comes to getting in the mood, it's really what works for you that should take precedence.

While some will appreciate the quickie before falling asleep, others will need more stimulation. The first sexual organ is indeed the brain! So don't hesitate to give him what he needs to get in the mood aka turn him on: dim lighting, a light, comfortable, even sexy outfit, or even completely naked. For some people , it will be music, for others audio porn, classic porn (preferably ethical ;)), an erotic novel or even mental images of a person you find really hot (your partner or not, as long as you are drunk ;) no judgment here).

Whatever your preference, the most important thing is to leave the guilt and embarrassment at the door. You give yourself pleasure, you treat yourself to a sensual interlude in a world that often moves too quickly and in which we tend to forget ourselves. This moment belongs to you and the only rule we will impose on ourselves here: have fun!

The different positions for masturbating

There are a thousand and one ways to masturbate, you just have to find yours. Let us show you the ones you shared with us:

  • Lying on your back → it’s a bit like the missionary of masturbation (lazy? No, effective ladies!)
  • On your stomach → it's also a classic but some people find it complicated to reproduce this position to have fun together
  • Standing → And yes, it seems that standing on your legs increases your orgasm tenfold
  • On all fours → Doggy Style can also be practiced solo!
  • The team humping forever → also called the frotti-frotta in the language of Molière (but slightly less glamorous unfortunately), against a cushion, an armrest, whatever, as long as we have the friction in the right place!
  • Sitting · e → practical, for the minute self-care well-being on the throne ;)
  • In front of a mirror → to really make love…

Then there is the place: your bed, the floor, a very comfortable armchair, the sofa (rarer if you are with a roommate we grant you), the shower… And perhaps a few more unusual places depending on your preferences and your transgressive desires (in public but without being seen, in the office to relax before an important meeting, etc.).

Together, you also happen to test the mutual masturbation to enrich your intimacy and your complicity during your lovemaking (very beautiful testimony here ).

What parts of your body do you prefer to stimulate?

Contrary to common imagination, female masturbation is far (very far) from being reduced to “putting a finger”. What a cliché! If you will believe our experience of your torrid returns, the first sexual organ (we check that you follow correctly) is of course the brain. The level of excitement is therefore essential! If you have already done our sex quiz to discover your sex profile in particular, you have been part of our large panel which declares that your excitement is tamed with:

  • your imagination, without limits: you create your own excitement alone ! (20% of you)
  • Thanks to caresses, the famous skin to skin for adults and with yourself, on the breasts, the buttocks, wherever you want (25% of you)
  • When you feel the desire of the other on you, a kind of excitement in response (not very relevant solo but why not ultimately?)
  • A little visual boost: good porn (ethical of course!) in private browsing, it's not so bad (35% of you)
  • A little audio boost : audio porn do you know? (9% of you)
  • A little boost in my imagination: erotic literature is making a comeback! (11% of you)

These figures are constantly evolving as you respond and we try to update them as often as possible - to participate it is in our essential sex quiz .

After the brain, it is obviously the clitoris (in external stimulation) which is in second place, ahead of internal stimulation. There are a large number of respondents who greatly appreciate the mixed stimulation , that is, stimulation of the clitoris both internally (through the vagina) and externally. Do you want the numbers? According to several studies***,

And beyond the vulva, is there (s)exploration? Yes yes yesss! It's even a necessary step for some people : breasts are very important in the sexuality of a large number of us and not at all for others (and even sometimes it can have the opposite effect , ouch), the anus can also be an integral part of the self-care routine (nothing should be neglected), the feet, the ears, the neck, all parts of our bodies can participate after all, the more we are the more we enjoy!

Fingers, toys, the shower… what do women masturbate with?

Now let's move on to the technical aspect. In masturbation, there are those who simply prefer to use their fingers. One finger, two fingers, three fingers, (a fist?) each with their own technique, we're not here to judge! There are those that focus on the clitoris only, those that explore internally, those that combine the two. All this research has the double advantage of giving yourself pleasure and getting to know your body. Touch, feel, tap, caress, rub, penetrate... It's up to you to use your skill.  

Another great classic, the shower head. It's not easy to find a perfectly suited jet but when you have it, it's really not maaaaal at all (be careful though, you never put it internally). In addition, the shower or the bath is our little moment just for ourselves, therefore ideal for feeling good and starting the day or going to bed in a good mood.

But it is also possible to bring an additional player onto the field: the sex toy. And in this area, not only are we experts but you are also spoiled for choice:

Even without toys, some have the imagination to multiply the sensations: touching themselves through their panties, keeping their bladder a little full...

If you have other techniques and tips, don't hesitate to share them with us, you know that the Blush team loves to know what makes you climb the curtain to offer you the most relevant and effective products.

This is how Ona was born, the first sex toy 100% made in Blush, we can't wait for you to get to know it better. A post on our blog is dedicated to him here . You will not regret it… ;)

Nina Ristori


*When we talk about women in this article, we are talking more specifically about all people who have a clitoris/vulva. So we obviously include trans men and non-binary people.

**Ifop survey , The Practice of Masturbation Among Women, The End of a Taboo? December 19, 2017

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