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Article: How to use a clitoral stimulator as a couple?

Comment utiliser un stimulateur clitoridien en couple ?

How to use a clitoral stimulator as a couple?

The question of integrating a sex toy into our lovemaking when we are a couple is not an easy subject to discuss for all couples. Indeed, lots of questions can arise in everyone's head when the subject is broached. “Am I giving him enough pleasure? Why replace me with an object?”
Don't be afraid, no sex toy can replace the warmth and presence of a body and above all replace the bond that is created with your partner when it comes time to act.
That being said, more and more couples are admitting to using sex toys during sex and going so far as to say that it has made their sex life much hotter. 🔥
One of our subscribers gave us a testimonial about using a clitoral stimulator
with her partner.

"So honestly I wanted to try it for a very long time without being able to get started. I was really ashamed at the beginning...but I wanted it to be with a reliable person in whom I could completely trust... Then I met my darling and communication is a big strength in our relationship. While talking, we realized that we both wanted to try new things and it happened very naturally.

She continues her testimony by pointing out something important in any relationship.

"I think the basis is communication and listening to each other's desires and fears! Then frankly once we have tested Ona, it is impossible to do without it even for the partner to see the "other in ecstasy, it's just magnificent I think [...] Sometimes it's him who holds Ona."

With a testimony like this (we thank him for it), I think it can help you get over the hump when it comes to broaching the subject with your partner. 😏

Discuss the subject with your partner

The most important thing when you approach this subject is to be honest and express why and how the addition of a sex toy will be a fun and erotic instrument, or even beneficial for your lovemaking.
The best way to broach the subject with your partner is to bring it up naturally. "Hold ! A friend told me about if…” or “I read an article that talked about…” (like this one 😉).
The idea here is not to try to convince your partner, it is not a plea, you have to accept the other's reluctance. If your partner is closed to this proposal or even to any discussion regarding the subject, it is useful to discuss to understand where this reluctance comes from.
In many straight couples, there is the fear of being replaced by the object. While women are taking more ownership of their pleasure and claiming solo use of sex toys, some men view it as a “rival.” In this case, it can be useful to talk about the advantages and to reassure the other person, making them understand that the sex toy is not a “rival” but should be seen rather as an “ally”.

The advantages of using a sex toy as a couple

Using a sex toy as a couple brings beneficial aspects to the relationship. Indeed, this allows you to discover new sensations: the sex toy stimulates the erogenous zones in a different way.
It can also promote communication between you. Talking more about your sexual desires and preferences builds trust and complicity between partners. Sex toys can help you overcome inhibitions and taboos around sexuality, allowing you to learn more about yourself and your partner.

Which sex toy to use as a couple?

If you're just starting to introduce sex toys into your lovemaking, the best sex toy to introduce is a clitoral stimulator .
Ona, our vibrating clitoral stimulator is designed to be used by two people. One of the great advantages of the Ona design is the size of the opening for the suction part. In addition to being suitable for all clitoris sizes, your partner will have less difficulty aiming in the heat of the moment. You can also gently switch Ona to vibration mode to be sure to take off (precision may be less necessary in suction/vibration combo mode).
Ona can also be used on your partner's erogenous zones. Your imagination is your only limit, let yourself go as you wish and Ona will follow you, even in the shower (yes yes, Ona is waterproof).

The best positions for using a sex toy for two

Obviously the best positions are those where the clitoris is easily accessible. Although the person with a clitoris can use the sex toy themselves during the leg part in the air, here we give you the best positions so that the use is done by the other partner, always in a concern for sharing pleasure and discovering others.

  • The missionary: classic, timeless, effective, the missionary is ideal for this type of practice since the partner underneath has her legs spread, giving direct access to the clitoris.
  • Doggy style: this position allows the partner located at the back to have direct access to their partner's vulva.
  • The spoon: The partner at the back can pass his hand over his partner's body or between her thighs to place the sex toy in the desired location .

Blush's little tips ❤️‍🔥

Use lube!

Although the natural capabilities of the human body are sometimes more than enough to have a good time, arming yourself with a good lubricant can be very useful. Sometimes during lovemaking, the vagina becomes dry with friction (especially with a condom), which causes some discomfort . Don't panic, use a good lubricant and that's it!
Discover the hyaluronic acid lubricant from Bijoux indiscrets , well known in cosmetics, hyaluronic acid is well known for its moisturizing properties. The mixture of water and hyaluronic acid is the perfect combination to avoid the discomfort of friction while maintaining the vitality and natural lubrication of your intimate area.

Each in turn

Sex is a shared experience between you and your partner. Take turns trying sex toys to see what works best and turns you on the most. This exchange of roles allows everyone to refocus on their own pleasure.

Keep an open mind

It is necessary that both partners are completely comfortable and want to try the joys of sex toys as a couple. If one of the two is a little reluctant, the quality of your lovemaking will suffer.
I repeat once again, in a relationship, communication is key! But remember that communication without understanding is not productive. The discussion must begin before introducing the sex toy into your sex life and must continue during your lovemaking. This will help you determine what is best for each person.


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