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Article: How to increase the power of your orgasms?

Comment augmenter la puissance de ses orgasmes ?
le saviez-vous ?

How to increase the power of your orgasms?

We know that each orgasm is unique and each body does not feel it in the same way. However, certain researchers, notably the famous Master and Johnson*, have nevertheless succeeded in rationalizing this state. Orgasm can be described in four phases:

  1. The excitement, the moment when bodies start to touch and a carnal connection is established.
  2. The plateau phase, where excitement intensifies.
  3. Orgasm, where ecstasy is at its maximum.
  4. And finally the resolution phase during which physiological calm returns.

Orgasm sexual response

This is a very schematic and scientific view of the sexual response of men and women.

Yet sometimes (often?) orgasm can feel far below its true potential. If this is a source of frustration and the need arises, working on developing your orgasmic power is essential.
Small reminder/disclaimer: reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse is not an end in itself, if you do not feel the need or desire, orgasm is not the only indicator of success of a relationship , the most important thing is that all participants take pleasure in benevolence and consent (this goes without saying).

How not to inhibit your excitement?

Before trying to increase your orgasmic power, you must first ensure that arousal is present, and at its maximum. But arousal depends on what we feel at the moment and a simple negative thought can completely slow down or even stop the urge.

Do not intellectualize orgasm, seek connection to yourself and/or others

Have you ever found yourself in bed with your partner, everything is going great, the excitement builds, builds... then a thought crosses your mind (whether it's the to do list / the load mental or precisely the anxiety of not being able to increase the excitement) and suddenly, the desire drops to zero?
Many people intellectualize orgasm, meaning that at the fateful moment, or a little before, they will think about what is happening. They think about their position, their body, their complexes, if they give enough pleasure to the other, or precisely if they will be quick enough to reach orgasm, etc. But by thinking too much, the pleasure and excitement fade. Few people are able to take a step back and at the same time enjoy the present moment, particularly during sexual intercourse where letting go and letting go should be the masters.

Alone, you can achieve it by freeing yourself from taboos and without thinking about your complexes, but together it is important to take into account the fact that the situation is different and to try to seek a real connection. with your partner, particularly through verbal and non-verbal communication. It is these gestures or words that will allow, without even looking for it or without even thinking about it, to give way to spontaneous orgasms.

Don't be under pressure to perform

The pressure to perform affects both men and women. This pressure is particularly due to what we can find in porn.
Having beautiful lingerie, being perfectly shaved, being in shape to last as long as possible...all these little things that you think about before or during the act, but which, in reality, don't matter much to your partner. To get rid of it and stop dwelling on these details in your head, the ideal is to share them with him. It is very likely that it reassures you and helps you to surpass this search for perfection/performance.

Bring the excitement phase as far as possible

If we return to our graph from the beginning, we notice that the height of the orgasm can be increased by extending the excitement phase as far as possible. This phase is the moment when the complicity between the bodies takes place, and we must not neglect this part if we want to climb to the 7th heaven.

How to boost your excitement?

  • Tell yourself erotic stories. If you are alone, imagine a scenario that makes you fantasize and give free rein to your desire. If there are two of you, tell a story involving you and your partner and share this story together to build desire and excitement. The important thing here is to communicate.
    We strongly recommend the book Jouissance Club , this map of pleasure will allow you to rediscover your sexuality as well as that of your partner and to adopt new techniques.
  • You can also add a sex toy to your antics. If you are not used to using it alone or in pairs, it is a good way to bring a little complicity into your sexuality, it will take you out of your usual scripts.

  • Play with your perineum , we don't always think about it but the perineum plays an important role in the power of our orgasms. When it is sufficiently invigorating, it helps boost pleasure when you reach the peak. And yes, the branches of the clitoris become entangled inside the pelvic muscles. During penetration, they will be used by contractions of the perineum. Furthermore, a muscular perineum also allows you to have better sensations and it also improves natural lubrication. We therefore strongly recommend Kegel exercises using Kegel balls in particular. which allow you to have a more toned perineum.

  • Do it in an unusual place. Between us, who has never dreamed of doing it in a place that is not designed for it?
    The mixture of excitement and fear of being caught makes the act even more intense. Do it in a car in a deserted parking lot, in a stairwell, in a bathroom during an evening (remember to lock it anyway). There are many choices of unusual places but we remind you that exhibitionism is prohibited in France so don't do it just anywhere either. 😉

Slow down to enjoy better

Once excitement and connection are established, one of Blush's most important recommendations is to SLOW DOWN. Now that we are more confident, that we have deconstructed the myth of performance, that all our doubts and complexes have disappeared and that we are at the height of excitement, there is no reason to rush to finish as quickly as possible. If there was only one piece of advice to take away from this article it would be to take your time and enjoy it as if there was no tomorrow. Slow sex is a better sex ;)

Multiple orgasms

As its name suggests, it is the act of climaxing several times during the same sexual intercourse or at least in a fairly short period of time.
For some people, multiple orgasms are very difficult to achieve, while others manage to orgasm two or three times in a row.
Moreover, we often think that it is reserved for women when men are also capable of achieving it.

How to achieve multiple orgasm?

The first approach when you want to try multiple orgasms is masturbation : focusing only on your pleasure and the exploration of your body.
Another technique involves indirect caresses around the private parts in order to give yourself time to recover, continue the tender and sensual gestures to slowly raise the temperature and start again. The idea here is to have sex for longer, to allow enough time to recover from this refractory period where we are still too sensitive to resume pleasure right away. And this is where the art of peaking or edging comes in...

What is peaking / edging?

Peaking or edging is a kind of slow sex, where everything depends on the right timing: slowing down the pace to enjoy better.
The concept is to build up and then down the excitement to be able to increase the power of your orgasm. Managing to bring down the excitement is therefore essential to succeed with this technique.
The advice would be to touch yourself more gently and slowly at once in order to regain control and your senses (the famous “thinking of your grandparents” to come down).
If there are two of you, it's the same thing, tell your partner to slow down or change position to give you time to enjoy before reaching the point of no return. For example, you can go to the edge of orgasm and come back down 4, 5, 6 times or even more, before letting your orgasm explode. This technique is infallible for increasing ecstasy! (tested and approved).


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