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Article: These practices during the act which have virtues for our body

Ces pratiques pendant l'acte qui ont des vertus pour notre corps

These practices during the act which have virtues for our body

We know that making love brings many benefits to our body and mind. It helps reduce anxiety, strengthens the immune system, reduces blood pressure and can even boost our self-confidence, but did you know that certain practices that we sometimes do automatically during sex also have beneficial benefits?
Indeed, some are fans of hair pulling, others of spanking or even dirty talk, so certainly, on paper these three practices do not have any particular relationship with each other but if there is one thing on where they come together is that in addition to bringing spice to our antics, they also bring virtues to our body.

Spanking, a little boost to excitement

Spanking brings more excitement to your partner, whether for the giver or the receiver. Indeed, the act of spanking slaps the skin which produces a flow of blood. This has the same effect as stimulating a primary erogenous zone. Spanking contributes to the excitement of the sexual area, the line is quite thin between pain and pleasure and let's be honest when it hurts it feels a little good. Whether it hurts or feels good in both cases, the body secretes dopamine (the pleasure hormone) and given the context it is normal for pleasure to take precedence over pain. The author of Dare , Italo Baccardi explained this phenomenon: “It activates a part of the body rich in erogenous zones. The anus is the most obvious, because it is the closest. In addition, blows radiating towards the stomach also stimulate, through pulsed vibrations, the clitoris or penis. Depending on the case, spanking very quickly causes disturbing sexual arousal.

Hair pulling, a much appreciated practice

The hair and scalp are an erogenous zone that is often put aside because it is not stimulated enough. Depending on the person, the top of the head can be very sensitive and once stimulated it gives way to various sensations.
The scalp is rich in nerve endings, stimulating it and especially pulling the hair during the act can be very pleasant and relaxing.
We often think that hair pulling is a practice used during dominant/dominated sexual relations, but why not take this practice out of this context and try a new pleasure?
What's good about this practice is that it can be done at any time, during kissing, anal sex, doggy style, oral sex and many other positions...
As with spanking, this practice rides the boundary between pain and pleasure, which secretes dopamine.
Go slowly, the goal being to have fun and not to tear out a clump of your partner's hair.

Dirty talk or the art and way of saying crude words

By definition, dirty talk is the simple act of saying crude/naughty words to your partner during sexual intercourse. This practice is often used to spice up the act with that little “je ne sais quoi” which sometimes changes the whole situation.
Dirty talk boosts pleasure by stimulating hormonal production. The spoken/written words will act on the subconscious by generating sexy images that the brain will connect to intense sensations. This mental stimulation will act on the hypothalamus which will secrete oxytocin which will cause disinhibition, satisfaction while promoting orgasm, and testosterone to increase sexual desire.
Of course, don't throw out your crudest sentence without first informing your partner that you are a fan of this practice. He/she may not be comfortable with it, it's true, not everyone is comfortable with crude/naughty words and it can even be confusing at first. once we are ready for it.

There is no universal guide to learning the art of dirty talk, it is up to you to try several styles, several languages ​​to understand which one suits you best.
One last little thing, it's not because you are shy and reserved that you can't be rough during lovemaking (always with the respect and consent of your partner, obviously).

And why not use a sex toy?

You know what can also be hot is using a sex toy with your partner. Let yourself be invaded by new sensations, new stimulations.
Our Ona vibrating clitoral stimulator is ideal for use by two people. Its compact design ensures a good grip whether it is held by you or your partner. In addition, the size of the opening is large enough to suit all body types (which is also not negligible for positioning it well on your clitoris).

You can also associate it with the book Jouissance Club by Jüne Plã , the cartography of pleasure which has saved, fulfilled, revived the sexuality of thousands of people. Go in search of your erogenous zones and those of your partners to abandon yourself to even deeper pleasure.
You will tell us the news. ❤️


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