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Article: Care after sex: good practices after sex

Care after sex : les bonnes pratiques après un rapport
after sex

Care after sex: good practices after sex

You have just spent a moment of ecstasy in bed with your partner. Instead of starting to make your TO DO list again immediately, you want to extend this moment of pleasure a little without neglecting certain steps. How to stay in your bubble while taking care of yourself and others mentally and physically? We take stock.

Sex is good for the body, the mind and for a fulfilling relationship. You have a thousand ways to get off in bed as long as it's consensual. But if the only rules during sex are yours, we would like to give you 2-3 tips for a peaceful and comfortable after sex.

A moment of intimate sharing

You've just come down from your orgasm (or at least a moment of intense pleasure), it's time to extend your bubble a little. You can take the opportunity to establish a moment of communication about the relationship you have just had: “I particularly liked it when you did that”, “I feel less pleasure when we do this”, “I have a fantasy for next time”… everything is open between consenting and caring partners.

On the other hand, avoid choosing this moment to return to an argument or a point of friction, to bring out buried resentments... In short, we don't settle accounts after love, it's a moment when we are still a little vulnerable and sensitive for some, so you might as well surround yourself with love, tenderness, caresses...

Obviously if you have to go home without extending the moment, you are under no obligation to stay, as with everything, it's a question of communication and as long as everyone is on the same wavelength, we're happy without the fuss !

The essentials to have next to the bed

It's the best accessory that will allow you to enjoy this bubble after sex without discomfort. It is a small towel, pretty and discreet but above all in 100% organic cotton gauze, very absorbent, soft and respectful of your privacy, dyed in an artisanal way, sewn and made in Bordeaux. In short, Mouch'ette has it all. This avoids the not very eco-friendly Kleenex and sheets or t-shirts, which are not very pleasant or suitable for wiping this intimate and sensitive area.

  • Just in case… the Bird, sex toy champion of couple stimulation

And if you're still a little unsatisfied (this happens to a lot of people, since it's the concept of the orgasmic gap ), why not bring a new participant under the sheets ? Here again, communication is the cement of the couple for a fulfilled sexuality. Many women find it more difficult to have an orgasm through vaginal penetration , and that's completely ok, no need to make it a personal matter for the other, that doesn't stop you from to have fun.

That being said, we recommend that you keep Ona on hand, you can ritualize its use as a couple, transforming its entry into the field like an erotic game for two, a moment of pleasure dedicated to you. Your partner will also be delighted to give you so much pleasure.

Ona, will finish the job perfectly. It offers both vibration and pulsations.

For the more curious, you can also use this moment of intimacy to educate and discover each other, or even make a Bucket list of what you want to test together in terms of stimulation.

Little health and hygiene reflexes

This first piece of advice especially concerns those who have an unfortunate tendency to have cystitis after intercourse. The reason ? In women, the urethra is very short (much shorter than in men), so are the bacteria, called colibacilli, (these are internal bacteria, already present which are not transmitted by the partner) rise along the urethral canal during intercourse due to the comings and goings and friction and thus colonize the bladder. It is therefore strongly recommended to urinate after each intercourse. No need to run to the bathroom all the time either, but don't skip this step before falling asleep.

A reflex to keep when giving pleasure with your hands or a toy!

And the shower? There, it's a bit up to you to see what suits you. Small reminder, sex is not dirty and it is not absolutely necessary to take a shower immediately afterwards. But for those who wish to do it for greater comfort, prefer to simply rinse the intimate area with water or use a very mild soap so as not to infect your intimacy which has already been used quite a bit during intercourse.

Nina Ristori

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