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Article: Interview with Caitlin Royal, founder of Pelle, and mother of the humping revolution in its finest form

Interview de Caitlin Royal, fondatrice de Pelle, et mère de la révolution du humping sous sa plus belle forme

Interview with Caitlin Royal, founder of Pelle, and mother of the humping revolution in its finest form

In a previous article, we presented the basics of humping & grinding (frotti-frotta in French), this particularly pleasant masturbation technique which has many fans. Today we go a step further with an interview with Caitlin Royal, the founder of Pelle, and mother of the Whim, these non-vibrating pebbles that are revolutionizing the humping game! You will know everything from the birth of the idea to their creation in his workshop.

In the vein of "slowing down to better enjoy", Caitlin has succeeded in creating with her own hands a totally innovative, unrivaled object which responds to a real need for sharing, disconnection and awakening of the senses.

Can you present? What do you do for a living ?

Good morning ! I'm the founder of Pelle - a range of silicone sex toys, designed for gentle stimulation. To be precise, they are like mini cushions or small versatile pebbles which, thanks to their worked shapes, offer ultra-targeted friction, exactly where desired.

What is your vision of Sexuality in today's world?

Sexuality, for me, is simply the practice of pleasure in your everyday life - it's celebrating what turns you on, how you like to be touched and aroused, and what we love in our partners. Alone with two or more people, the idea is to feel good.

Can you tell us the story of your beautiful brand - Pelle?

Pelle was launched because I couldn't find what I wanted on the market. I was buying toys that claimed to be "soft and squishy", but they just weren't soft enough for me. I also saw a lot of questions/reviews from other customers who wanted "soft" toys or alternatives to penetration and vibration, but there wasn't much available.

In my previous life, I had already worked in sculpture professionally and I began to learn for myself how to work with this very particular material that is silicone. Once I made prototypes for myself, I knew I had created something special. The design of the product and the recipe for the specific silicone I use are really intentional and very well researched. It took me almost two full years of research and development to get it all done, and now Pelle offers the best humping toys on the market :)

How did you learn manufacturing techniques?

I had some experience making silicone and molds from art projects in my past, so translating what I knew about Pelle didn't seem too complicated at first, but creating the final production process was a real labor of love.

There were two main aspects that I did not want to compromise on:

  1. the softness and “squish” (the soft appearance) of the pebble had to be perfect,
  2. the silky feel on the outside was just as important.

Ultimately, all Pelle products are handmade because the production techniques to achieve that ultimate feel are labor intensive. I developed a process from scratch, which, quite frankly, few companies would embark on. But that's the secret that makes Pelle products the best!

What's so special about Whim? How did this concept come to you?

The final product is very sleek and sculptural, while also feeling extremely good!

Pelle products are unique because they were designed and made by someone who loves using them. I was the ideal customer to create this product for, and it makes me extremely happy to see that these items resonate with others.

And then, it might be a bit bold to say it, but I think it's really true (!): Pelle toys look a lot (a lot) like oral sex! If you've ever wanted to try toys that simulate fellatio or cunnilingus, Whim is your friend.

Whim seems very versatile, how do your customers use it? Tell us more about the many ways to play with it!

There are so many ways to use Whim!

The most common ways are:

  • Place the pebble on a cushion or pillow and move as you wish
  • Place it inside your underwear, well held, and let this soft pebble act as foreplay to shared sex
  • Put it in a bowl of hot water before using them for an exceptional warm feeling (even more similar to a tongue!)
  • Place it at the base of a dildo, while wearing a strap-on
  • Place it in the palm of your hand and caress the entire vulva while sitting
  • Use it as a cushion between you and a powerful vibrator (you'll feel the squishy and vibration at the same time!)
  • Use it in a bath, it is totally waterproof
  • Place it between two vulvas while rubbing together

The possibilities are limitless :)

What makes you very proud of Pelle?

I am extremely proud every time I hear from customers that they have finally found the toy of their dreams. So many people talk about how they looked for something similar to Pelle and never found it, and the feeling when their enjoyment is understood and supported is truly amazing.

The Slow box by Blush allows you to slow down to enjoy better and of course includes Whim by Pelle!

Transcribed by Lucie Solal

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