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Article: Blush takes stock of its year 2022!

Bouche Bée fait le bilan de son année 2022 !

Blush takes stock of its year 2022!

Blush Intimacy is like the good friend you discuss sex with. Except that what's more, she has plenty of tips and products to offer you. For the first time, we reverse the roles and its founder, Lucie Solal, confides in us by presenting her 2022 retrospective.

Meetings, challenges and pleasure. It is with these words that Lucie Solal defines this year which has just passed. And it's not just any year for this entrepreneur, because it's the birth year of Blush Intimacy, the site that took so much care of your libido in 2022.

I had a lot of meetings: first with clients of course but also with suppliers, sexologists, the media… ”. A rich year which was not without challenges. “ I realized that there are still a lot of taboos, embarrassment and complexes when it comes to sexuality .” But the word challenges also has a stimulating aspect: “ bringing a project to life with bare hands, releasing the brand's first product, it was a real learning experience, it was very rewarding ”.

And finally, how can we not add the word pleasure? Yours first, since that's what unites us, but also what Lucie gets from her work: " having positive feedback from people who are discovering their bodies, who are aligned with the brand's values, is an incredible feeling ,” she adds.

Two maternity wards that turn everything upside down

Let's go back to the genesis of Blush Intimacy. Before embarking on this adventure, Lucie trained as an electrical engineer. Then she worked for 10 years in strategy consulting. “ It was a very masculine environment, quite tough and I wanted to work with more women, to create my own working environment. » The little light bulb then turns on in Lucie's head. But it was truly motherhood that was the decisive point in leading her on the path to entrepreneurship. “ It’s an experience that changed my relationship with my body and made me think a lot both about the intimate and its consequences on well-being but also about the meaning I wanted to give to my work “, she confides.

Expand the circle of friends

I wanted adventure, to change things, and behind this project, there is a “sorore” approach. It starts from endless discussions with my friends, and I didn't want to stop talking about it, to uninhibit people, bodies... There are still these taboos, but as soon as we break them, it feels crazy good! I wanted to do good for people who have complexes, who close themselves off. The idea is to expand the circle of friends with the Blush community. It’s a discussion to have with as many people as possible ,” explains Lucie.

And sisterhood is not limited to customers. “ With Blush, I want to highlight their work, by collaborating with brands led by women. It's like creating a circle of friends on every floor! »

Putting sex back at the center of well-being

For Lucie, the word that best defines sexuality according to Blush is well-being. “ I wanted to take sexuality out of the taboo, porn, shameful, hidden side and put it back into well-being in the same way as a balanced diet or a skin routine. Sex is also part of self-care. »

The values ​​promoted by Blush go in this direction:

  • Expertise;
  • Inclusivity;
  • Pedagogy;
  • Aesthetics;
  • Positivity.

Only the best on Blush

The products offered on the shop are selected with the greatest attention by Lucie. This requires a lot of research, they are all tested beforehand and must respect “ a charter on composition, texture, materials used, packaging, design, products… ”. Particular attention is also paid to customer feedback, whether to report a product that is missing or one that can be improved in terms of experience. This is how Ona , the first sex toy made in Blush, was born, thanks to your feedback.

Lucie also revealed her favorites to us on the site:

  • Kegel balls for a competitive perineum and equally winning pleasure;

The highlights of 2022

It is therefore the end of a great year for Blush, punctuated by highlights, both positive and difficult.

Creating your own sex toy was a big challenge, with sometimes discouraging moments. “ There are a lot of standards, certifications, paperwork. It's long and I really wanted to get it out for Christmas. It had been in my head for a while, I wanted from the start to create this essential sex toy but I thought it was too ambitious, it discouraged me at first. So I started by launching Blush with other products. But this idea came back in force with the feedback from my customers. It allowed me to take the drama out of producing myself, it seemed more accessible to me ,” recalls Lucie.

Then she came up against concrete production obstacles. “ I wanted to produce in France, but it was very complicated to find the right people and it ultimately wasn’t possible. It took me a while to find a team I trusted. I did a lot of research, contacted all the factories and I finally decided to work with a Chinese company , very qualified and very caring in this market .

Despite the obstacles, there is no question of giving up and Lucie has her best moment of 2022: the release of Ona. “It was madness, the culmination of a very intense period, we had an evening, and I was very proud to present this product that evening. I was very well surrounded by very caring women who supported the project. An incredible memory .”

And for 2023?

Other products will arrive, including an intimate skincare product.” Can we find out more? “It’s a product that has been in high demand, which is eagerly awaited ,” smiles Lucie. We can't wait to find out!

And at the beginning of January, head to the Salon Maison et Objets to present Ona. “ We are aiming for more visibility, the idea is to put sex toys everywhere! » And for the Blush team, the new year is also synonymous with growth since Lucie is waiting for a new arrival to lend a hand and offer you even more beautiful surprises.

In the meantime, have a great New Year’s Eve!

Nina Ristori 

Source: Interview with Lucie Solal, founder of Blush Intimacy

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